Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 60th to 51st

These are the episodes that just missed out into my Top 50!

60th: The Curse of Black Spot 9/10

I love this episode as pirate stories don’t tend to be enjoyable but this actually has a great story and pirates aren the villain as they were in The Smugglers in Season 3 of Classic Who. Oscar Lloyd and Hugh Bonneville and Lily Cole were the guest cast that impressed me the most.

59th: The God Complex 9/10

Despite it being overshadowed by a amazing performance in the previous episode, this episode does impress and links back to Amy’s first meeting with the Doctor. A emotional and comic story but I am still not sure about the ending as that affects the rest of S6 but they are able save it in the finale.

58th: Planet of the Dead 9/10

Michelle Ryan leads a near successful story with her character being a cat burglar and has stuff that is useful when they are on San Helios. More foreshadowing to the demise of the Tenth Incarnation of the Doctor. Great episode

57th: The Unquiet Dead 9/10

Apart from that damsel moment with Rose, the first historical based of the revival actually is very impressive especially with future star Eve Myles making her mark in Doctor Who before joining Torchwood as fan favourite Gwen Cooper a year later. Simon Callow impresses as Charles Dickens ad later appears in the 2011 finale. Love the introduction  to the rift which would later appear in Boom Town and near Torchwood Tower which is Torchwood Three’s base in Cardiff which is later destroyed during the 456 incident.

56th: Daleks In Manhattan 9/10 and Evolution Of The Daleks 9/10

I love this story, I do think part 1 is a little bit weaker than part 2 but I actually love what they do with the Daleks and Martha Jones is used more prominently in this than the earlier ones.

55th: Hell Bent 9/10

I love ot more than I did. My only problem is the Tim Lords do annoy me but if we take them aside, Peter and Jenna make it their own. It doesn’t deserve the hate it gets.

54th: Army of Ghosts 10/10 and Doomsday 9/10

I love the whole plot from, ghosts becoming Cybermen, a Dalek prison, Jackie and the truth about Torchwood Institute but the only thing that lets it down is Rose’s whining, PLEASE GET A GRIP!

53rd: Bad Wolf 9/10 and The Parting Of Ways 9/10

Definetely one of my favourite T Davies finales, great plot, linking the Jagrafess incident to this and return to Satellite Five. Definitely one of my favourite story arcs as well and concluding Bad Wolf arc. 9 regenerates into a incarnation that I do have to give a good bit of criticism these days.

52nd: The Cold War 9/10

Apart from the first scene after the credits Skaldak coming out where i have mixed opinions, Jenna Coleman impresses whilst Matt Smith continues to gain what he lost when the Ponds left. Definitely one of my favourite Ice Warrior stories.

51st: Thin Ice 9/10

I was excited about it at first but began to lose my enjoyment before it aired but managed to watch the full episode. My only issues where Spider and baddies but they were able to save it for me form being a disaster like it nearly did with the moon incident. The last two scenes were magical and hilarious and scary.