The Doctor’s Daughter Review

The Doctor’s Daughter is a divisive episode. I think it has grown me and despite my complaints about T Davies’s era being to emotional, there is a point here.

The TARDIS drags the trio to Messaline where the Doctor creates his own daughter, Martha gets taken by the Hath and The Doctor Donna get into trouble with the human soldiers whilst learning about The Source that will end the war. After 7 days of adventuring and Donna working out the numbers on the wall are the Byzantine calendar, they reunite with Martha who was helped by a Hath called Peck who dies saving Martha from a swamp. They reach the Source but the warring factions arrive. The Doctor stops the war but General Cobb tries to kill the Doctor but Jenny takes the shot but ends up dying but later regenerates but stays exactly like she does and leave fro adventures. The Doctor is distraught but learns Jenny was the reason he was there in the first place and drops Martha home whilst he and Donna leave for more adventures.

My only dislike was the team getting captured but I can see why as they arrived at the wrong time.

I did mention during my intro that emotional scenes were my biggest critique of the T Davies era because they was whining which was UNECESSARY. This time, there was a point because he lost his OWN daughter. I feel sorry for him here and this is what I should have had before in his era. The music helps it and I do think it’s a great scene.

It was interesting to see that both sides wanted to win but they wanted the source so both sides in the end, don’t get the source and don’t win cause the Doctor drops the source and rightfully so and it is a good resolution which seems to be S4’s strength with great endings.

My favourite thing from this episode is Catherine Tate as Donna Noble. One of her best performances by a mile at the time. Loved her using her temp skills here. I love that she helps the others and considers their worries as well like the Doctor’s issue with Jenny being a soldier.

It was good but I think the soldiers could have been better and tone down the the soldiers holding the trio. Jenny and the main trio were great. Georgia Moffett was amazing and her future definitely gets better.