Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 5th to 1st

For the last several months, I have been counting my down my rankings from last to first and now I can reveal  the top 5 and which episode is my favourite on the final day out 4 consecutive days of rankings being announced. These are my Top 5 ranked:

5. Oxygen 10/10

My favourite episode of S10. The leads work as a team. The Doctor being blind is a brilliant twist. Jamie Mathieson is a great writer and this is one of this best works.

4. The Ghost Monument 10/10

I love the episode and I relate to the Doctor and Ryan in this episode a lot. The final scene is a favourite of mine and that is why I love it.

3. Face The Raven 10/10

The music in this episode bring me to tears and I feel more touched here and is still my favourite exit to date. Whouffaldi stuff and the last scenes with the Doctor and Clara together are touching and I feel touched by this as I am a huge fan of these two. Ashildir is better her and that is huge improvement and finally get the development she needed.

2. Mummy On The Orient Express 10/10

I think this is the game changing episode of Peter Capaldi’s era and saves the series by making more better episodes. Physical contact in this brilliant. Whouffaldi goodness. Love the Mummy and interesting idea to have one victim who can see it at a time.


1.Heaven Sent 10/10

A growing episode that is now at my Number One. Peter Capaldi is the star and its all about his Doctor’s grief after losing Clara in previous episode. The mind palace is a good idea an we see his thoughts and his struggle through grief. Steven Moffat’s writing makes it a hit. In my review, I said, “Clara’s death kind of is the driving force for this episode as the Doctor’s grief and anger of a strength and a weakness for him. The mind palace scenes  are quite powerful and emotional but it works and when Clara finally faces the Doctor and speaks, you can see him as he is about to cry but she is able to give the encouragement to carry on.” The breaking the wall scene is iconic an so is the music which is later used in his regeneration scene is amazing and composed by Murray Gold as the Doctor escapes the confession dial. I love the episode and it deserves my number one spot.