Graham O’Brien – Why we need a older companion

Last member of Team TARDIS is Bradley Walsh’s Graham O’Brien. He is one my favourite companions and is the only member of the Team not have a Northern accent and is the oldest actor of the revival to be a regular companion (excluding Lindsay Duncan and Bernard Cribbins who only were guest companion but played amazing in their respective episodes.) I want to talk about why Graham is a good example of a older companion in the modern age. I have 2 points:

Father figure

He cares about everyone even in the team if he is the seconds in command after the Doctor. He has given advice to Yaz and Ryan and I want to see him give advice to the Doctor next series. A good example is he advice to Yaz in Demons of Punjab, he says, “Yeah, but maybe she just didn’t want to tell you everything, you know. The woman’s allowed to have secrets, even from her granddaughter. And you’ve got to remember, Yaz, that girl in there, she ain’t your nan yet. It’s only later she’ll decide how to tell it. And I honestly don’t know whether any of us know the real truth of our own lives, cos we’re too busy living them from the inside. So just enjoy it, Yaz. Live this moment and figure it out later.” Graham is right and Yaz does learn more later.

Makes the right decision

He wants revenge on Tzim Sha for the death of his wife and he has his mind chosen when he finds out Tzim Sha is responsible for the conflict on Ranskoor Av Kolos. He gets ready to kill when they finally encounter but decides against it by saying “I’m the better man” and ends up shooting the Stenza warrior in the leg as he attempts to attack Ryan as Graham claims “Just to shut him up.” He ends locking the wounded warrior in the prison Tzim Sha designed to imprison his “TROPHIES’ and tells him to think of Grace whilst he is trapped in there. I love that he learns his lesson and doesn’t jeopardise his friendship with the Doctor who says, “Graham O’Brien, your the strrongest man I know.” I like the fact that she recognises her companions good qualities.

I love Graham and think he is perfect ambassador for a Male companion. I look forward to seeing him continue in S12!