Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 50th to 35th

I have my Top 50! I will now reveal 15 at a time now as it makes it more exciting and fun and entertaining for you lovely people to find out.

50th: The Crimson Horror 9/10

Love the Doctor and Clara here as they pose as a married couple. People question 11 being over romantic here which I think isn’t a problem. I love everything except the last scene as I am very angry about it.

49th: Rosa 9/10

I love the fact that this episode has been praised and got a BAFTA Must See Moment nomination in 2019. Malorie Blackman also won a well deserved award. I love the story, its faultless. I only disliked the racism but its a great story and it’s got teamwork and the companions getting closer and a comic routine with the Doctor and Graham posing a a married couple to protect Ryan & Yaz (The Doctor called Graham ‘DARLING’)

48th: A Good Man Goes To War 9/10

I LOVE THE CLIFFHANGER as I wasn’t expecting it but was intrigued at the time. Great introduction to the soon to be formed Paternoster Gang. Emotional story and it works.

47th: The Snowmen 9/10

I love this episode, it mixes scary, comedy and emotional stuff. Moffat dd the right thing to mention about why Strax is here. Jenna Coleman is great, I still think this is a better introduction than Bells of Saint John.

46th: Utopia 10/10

Amazing story, I didn’t know about the Master till that point as I was new to the show. Captain Jack is funny.

45th: The Christmas Invasion 10/10

I love the plot and the Doctor not being able to help for a while was a good idea. I like the whole argument as I can side with both people as you can see in this little debate I have written about, http://drwhowhatwhy.com/tenth-doctor/tenth-doctor-vs-harriet-jones-debate-sycorax-aftermath/

44th: The Eleventh Hour 10/10

I love the story, there are this where Amy kind of annoys me like locking the Doctor’s tie but it’s justified. Arthur Darvill is hilarious here. The last scene is magical and the best.

43rd: Extremis 10/10

A episode that has grown on me. Definitely the best story in the Monk Trilogy. All 3 are at their best again. Michelle Gomez is amazing here. Matt Lucas definitely continues his streak of improving Nardole.

42nd: Gridlock

Not a fan of Martha having to be rescued but it justified in the plot. Face of Boe arc ends without  a fault. Love the story and it is amazing. The car jumping scene is still memorable for me.

41st: Partners In Crime 10/10

The turnaround for the T Davies started here. Donna Noble makes herself known here and written much more better than Runaway Bride. Love the Adipose. Great story to enjoy.

40th: Dinosaurs on a spaceship 10/10

It’s fun and a amazing story. People will question the Doctor at the end but we need a dark side and after learning about Silurians. Karen Gillan is at her best here in S7.

39th: Hide 10/10

I love this story. I think the Doctor being vulnerable and scared helps create tension in the other universe. Two love stories in one is a great idea.

38th: New Earth 10/10

The first episode I remember watching properly. Cat nuns were memorable and am glad T Davies created them as they are vey funny. Cassandra was a comic icon and it’s just a great story to watch.

37th: It Takes You Away 10/10

I love the entire story, the frog was a great idea. I loved Ellie Wallwork in this story. Jodie Whittaker is amazing in this.

36th: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe 10/10

A epside that deserves more love. I love the story of families reuniting as this leads to the Doctor being reuniting with Amy and Rory and ends up crying happily as his friends leave him a space at the dinner table. The miners are funny and Ven Garr is so hilarious with his crying. Claire Skinner is amazing as well.