Ryan Sinclair – The Companion I Relate To The Most

Ryan Sinclair is the companion that I relate too the most. He has been tested throughout his time on the show so far. Tosin Cole is a great actor and plays him well.

Ryan has dyspraxia and is his biggest issue but he overcomes several problems during S11. My favourite is when he rides the machine at Kerblam where they deliver parcels to dispatch and jumps with Yaz to save Charlie who is later revealed to be the saboteur at Kerblam because he didn’t want Robots taking over humanoid jobs.

He learns from his mistakes like in his first adventure, he picks up a gun and shoots down the Sniperbots but they come back online and his first historical, he plays with a device, he later uses it to displace Krasko before he messes with history and after refuses to move and is able to help let the Bus Boycott continue.

He has lost his mum when he was young lad, his dad Aaron left him with his Gran as he couldn’t cope. Despite this sadness, he uses his past as his strength to be a better person.

As the title says, I do have similarities to Ryan, I do have balance issues but I end up overcoming the past. I learn from my mistakes and apologise or ignore my fears. I have lost a parent and my best friend but they are still in my memories like Ryan’s mum and Grandma.

I love Ryan as a character and he is definitely a strong character and is developed and I think people saying he should have left in Resolution are being too harsh on him as he has more to give and needs to be more independent as a character.

I hope people relate to Ryan and if you have any similarities with Ryan, please comment or reply to my…

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Thanks Tosin Cole for being a great actor and good luck in S12!