Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 35th to 21st

35: The Demons of Punjab 10/10

A story that grew on me. I was a bit disappointed at first but the scene where Prem dies moved me which shows that a historical can make me care with good characters but now I love it more cause I know understand Yaz never messes with time which is reverse syndrome of the Fires of Pompeii which I think is a good move.

34: Rose 10/10

Rose is probably one of my favourites of S1. Rose is introduced well and her story is done well and she saves her new friend using one of her skills. I am reading the novel and it’s just as good as the episode.

33: Twice Upon A Time 10/10

The best of Peter Capaldi’s last 3 episodes. My only critique is the First Doctor;s behaviour towards woman which i find frustrating and did cause a incident on twitter which I regret and now disagree with the line. The last 10 minutes are magical and is handled better than The End Of Time. Jodie Whittaker makes her debut was a great scene.

32: Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos 10/10

I love this episode when loads don’t. Graham story in this episod sees him struggle to choose betwee getting revenge and being sent home by the Doctor or be a better man and Ryan fully accepts Graham as his Grandad and helps him defeat Tzim Sha. Yaz’s loyalty to the Doctor has me hooked. More please?

31: Planet of the Ood 10/10

I love learning about the Ood’s home world. Catherine Tate is amazing. The beginning of the DoctorDonna and Every Song Must End and Ood Sigmas’s warning.

30: Time of the Doctor 10/10

Matt Smith ends on a high after a struggle through S7. His regeneration story can be seen as boring but it isn’t as it has a tale. Its a better written story than how Amy and Rory went in The Angels Take Manhattan. Clara shows perseverance by returning to the Doctor’s side twice after being dropped home as the Doctor is not being a team player but Clara is which is the opposite of Doomsday.

29: The Long Game 10/10

Set on my favourites space station in the Whoniverse. I love how Adam’s story concluded and what happens if you do something wrong when you travel in the TARDIS.

28: The Doctor’s Wife 10/10

Suranne Jones playing a human version of the TARDIS and Michael Sheen as a entry that feeds of Time Lords TARDISES. I love how we learn about the TARDIS.

27: Time Heist 10/10

Team Not Dead robbing a bank. Not much to say but this is a great episode.

26: Smile 10/10

Underrated episode. Love the use of emojis and robots kill on unhappiness. I love a two hander with the Doctor and Bill Potts.

25: Turn Left 10/10

Russell T Davies’s best story in my option. Catherine Tate is amazing. Billie Piper puts a better performance than she did in S2.

24: Kerblam 10/10

A mystery story with a twist written by Doctor Who fan Pete Mc Tighe. Tosin Cole is definitely at his best here thanks to his characters background. The fez.

23: Deep Breath 10/10

I like the premise of what the story was about. There are a few questionable bits like the conclusion but the last two scenes are so magical as Clara accepts the new Doctor and we meet Missy.

22: The Girl Who Waited 10/10

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are amazing in this episode and it really helps their relationship. Karen plays a dual role and does it well. Tom McRae improves from his Cybermen story in Series 2. The ending is heartbreaking as Rory has to choose one Amy and he chooses the right one as the Doctor says “You got YOUR Amy back!”

21: Last Christmas 10/10

My favourite Christmas special and the ending is amazing when they reunite. Nick Frost is funny as Santa Claus and his two elf’s. Faye Marsay’s character was robbed of being a companion.