Leigh Talks: Redesigns In S11

I am going to talk about the new TARDIS, Sonic, Jodie’s costume vortex, titles, logo and theme tune in one blog! As the Doctor says, “Let’s get a shift on!”


During and after the Peter Capaldi’s regeneration to Jodie Whittaker, the regeneration end cause damaged to the TARDIS designed by the late Michael Pickwoad who did amazing job and I will miss him. The damaged TARDIS ejects The Doctor who lands in Sheffield and flies to Desolation where the engines are stick in a loop until the Doctor phases it back into reality in a The Ghost Monument.

The new TARDIS is designed by Arwyl Wyn Jones. The TARDIS was one of the things that was leaked in July

I love the 13’s TARDIS, its cool and different but it’s more unique and universal and the custard cream addiction is amazing.

Here is a video about the new TARDIS

Credit: Doctor Who


Arwyl also designed the sonic along with concept art from Darren Fereday but onscreen, the Doctor designs it in Rahul’s workshop after she loses her sonic after the regeneration.

I think Arwyl did a amazing job as it’s different and is memorable to other sonic but it’s my joint favourite along with 12’s second sonic.

Here is the link to the video


Credit: BBC


Ray Holman designed Matt Smith’s original tweed outfit on his first series and also might have helped choose Peter Capaldi’s second jacket which was the red velvet from Face The Raven. Also, he designed the first three series of Torchwood and worked alongside Louise Page in Series 3 and 4 for Blink and Turn Left which obviously were double banked. Also worked on Broadchurch and Sherlock.

I think Ray did a amazing job as it’s not only unusual, it’s something both genders can cosplay. I love the blue jacket as it makes Jodie stand out.

Here is Jodie and Ray discussing Thirteen’s costume

Credit: Doctor Who

Logo, Title Sequence, Vortex and Theme Time

I love the new logo, it’s cool and it’s nice to have a different font. I love the colour of the new title sequence as well and it’s normally blue but it’s just nice to be different.

I love they use the same colour as the vortex like we have seen in the past and it stands out with the actors names. I love that the  producer and the director are included rather than after the title sequence and the crew are all together, it feels more better.

Segun Akinola has replaced Murray Gold as composer and has compose my favourite theme tune of Doctor Who. He brought back the middle eight which we haven’t heard in the revival series before. It just feels magical and Segun has definitely made me feel happy!

Here is the full opening credits

Credit: Doctor Who

Thank you to Segun, Ray, Arwyl, Daren and everyone else in the cast and crew for making S11 amazing! Bring on 2020!