Leigh Talks: What do I think about S11 – 100th Post Special

This is a 100th post Special and I would love to thank everyone for visiting the blog and hope your enjoy future posts. Enjoy this S11 review!

History was made by the brilliant Jodie Whittaker who became the first female Doctor. She had lot of pressure after a amazing performance from Peter Capaldi. People have been been so rude and controversial on the casting which I am very furious about however what do I think about S11.

Jodie definitely deserves to be in the show after 10 amazing performances. I think they did play it safe but it worked and gives Jodie time to improve for Series 12.

Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill became the first set of 3 companions since 1983. Bradley played former Bus Driver Graham O Brian, Tosin played Graham’s Grandson and Warehouse Worker Ryan Sinclair and Mandip plays Ryan’s best friend from primary school and Police Office Yasmin ‘Yaz’ Khan. I love all 3 and like in S10, I wouldn’t swap a companion out as they are to good to split up. Graham is probably my favourite out of 3 as he is the Dad and is more responsible when he they are back in time and travelling with the Doctor kind of takes away the memories of his wife Grace who died in The Women Who Fell To Earth and the grief come snack w hen h encounters Tzim Sha who’s events cause Grace’s death and wants to kill him in revenge but in the end, Graham shoots him in the leg to shut him up without killing him and locks him in stasis for loads of years as his revenge and gets complimented by the Doctor. Ryan’s story is based on the loss of his Grandma but struggling to accept Graham as his Grandad but in the end, he accepts him and have a better relationship with him. Ryan also suffers from Dyspraxia which has troubled him throughout the series but he has overcome it multiple times and that is good sign. Yaz doesn’t do much which is only setback to the character however her advice and admiration for the Doctor is amazing. 

People have been shipping the non existent on screen Thasmin (Thirteen/Yazwhich people have been enjoying. I think it’s good but I rather they stay as friends as this series worked without a relationship and I think the rest of Thirteen’s tenure should be the same as it was a major problem that let Ten down for me and I don’t think it will for Jodie. I do respect this though! Another interesting ship is Ryasmin (Ryan/Yaz) which has intrigued viewers especially in Rosa and their strong relationship. I would prefer this if this does happen but I don’t know if Chibnall will do that so at the meant, I would rule relationships out unless they are confirmed.

Samuel Oatley played Tzim Sha in the premier and the finale. He played very scary villain and he was probably one of the scariest since the Veil in Heaven Sent. Great plot for the character but I wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks out of stasis.

Sharon D Clarke was probably amazing in the first episode as Grace O Brian, Graham’s wife. She had a missed opportunity to be a companion but the character as a ghost or a mirror counterpart hasn’t impressed me as I am probably getting tired of the whole grief thing but it would take a big story to win me back. 

I loved all the episode this series which is a First for me, my least favourite was The Demons of Punjab despite an emotional moment that got me and The Witchfinders despite one of the best scenes in S11.  Historicals were better than they have been in the last series and were written by the right writers. A few characters irritated me this series, Krasko and Robertson. Can’t stand them to be honest but they did their job. I loved the premier and the finale as they were so good. I think The Ghost Monument and The Tsungara Conundrum are some of my favourite episodes that people don’t like. 

3 things I would change

  1. Yaz would get more action stuff
  2. Bring in a story arc
  3. More risks