Leigh Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 110th to 101st

110th: The Empty Child 6/10 and The Doctor Dances 6/10

People love this episode but for me, it’s starts the “Are You My Mummy” recurring gag well and the plot is good but it’s not Top 100 story for me.

109th: Return Of Dr Mysterio 6/10

The Harmony Shoal thing was good but the fact it was left on a open end is disappointing and I wasn’t a fan of the Superhero. Matt Lucas made himself a good name as Nardole and won  me over and with Peter Capaldi, they were a brilliant duo and should have had more adventures together before the amazing Pearl Mackie joined and made them more amazing trio even with a few issues.

108th: Sleep No More 6/10

The sandman were a bad idea but I appreciate the effort but the Whouffaldi stuff makes things up.

107th: Nightmare In Silver 6/10

 There has been a lot of debate on this on twitter and I have seen a lot of hate for this but the updated design for the Cyberman IS A GOOD DESIGN but kind of mixed on them being unstoppable. The plot is not bad but the guest stars are disappointing and can’t stand the children but Warwick Davis is not that bad but the proposal just wasn’t needed. Jenna Coleman is astar in this episode as I am not sure about  Matt Smith being possessed but it was a nice idea to try and Neil Gaiman did regret doing this story.

106th: The Lazarus Experiment 6/10

Mark Gatiss played a great villain here but I have seen him in better roles in the show. I don’t like the fact that people are trying to make things bad for the Jones Family. They deserve better.

105th: The End Of The World 6/10

I wasn’t a fan of the plot and a few scenes but Rose learning about he future was very interesting, glad she stood up to Cassandra but didn’t deserve what she got from the Adharengs of the repeated meme. The Doctor was great in in this episode tough.

104th: Amy’s Choice 6/10

Great story but not my cup of tea but Amy and Rory romance is working it’s way up.

103rd: The Stolen Earth 6/10 and Journey’s End 7/10

My least favourite revival finale. The threat is real, good us of Harriet Jones after the Sycorax incident. Rose Tyler is nearly perfect. The Doctor and the regeneration scene let the story down for me but th vulnerability suits him more here that it has done in previous episodes and he punishes his meta crisis self and gives Rose the best gift of all, a Doctor that will not change his face. Donna is amazing but I am disappointed with her fate and Hell Bent does it much better unfortunately.

102nd: Midnight 6/10

I love the scary stuff but not sure if the Doctor being possessed for me wasn’t the best idea but I respect it and it teaches him a lesson for next time but I respect why people like it

101st: Vincent and the Doctor

Its good but it’s not enough to wow me and not emotionally connect me.