Leigh Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 120th to 111th

Time for Part 2 of my rankings.

120th: Human Nature 5/10 and The Family Of Blood 6/10

Martha is the hero of this story and proves to be a great friend to the Doctors despite him being so rude and cruel to her. I love the Historical themes to this story as it makes more stand out but I can’t stand Ten in this episode as he irritates me with his treatment to Martha but is saved when he has. Stand out moment in a The Family Of Blood but unfortunately his behaviour didn’t save the episode for me. Joan Redfern was a lot disrespectful to Martha too and I didn’t like John and Joan being together and I am kind of glad Joan refuses as even though they made a item when 10 was a human and felt like they were ganging up on Martha when they were have a private moment. It ruins the episode for me but it’s a good story despite my issues.

119th: The Zygon Invasion 5/10 and The Zygon Inversion 6/10

Peter Capaldi puts in a great performance throughout the story, including the speech at the end however but I feel that the whole Clara/Bonnie situation is too far as Cl being a damsel for the majority of this story really upsets me as she isn a damsel, she is a hero and deserved much better. The Zygons were OK but I don’t like the idea of the story but can appreciate the effort.

118th: Fear Her 5/10

This episode isn’t a bad but I do appreciate it. Rose is a good character here but not sure about her attitude at the end. I like the idea of using the London 2012 in the plot and using the idea of a alien possessing children.

117th: Eaters Of Light 6/10

I respect what they tried to do but the teamwork for the trio was once again a disappointment and this is what ruins their friendship for me as I love 12, Bill and Nardole but when the Doctor’s friends go against him, it just angers me and am like you have ruined a good friendship. The other characters were ok but wasn’t good enough for me. The scene at the end is a standout and love the Doctor questioning Missy as he doesn’t know what to do just in case she turns bad again.

116th: Bells Of Saint John 6/10

I like the modern day thriller but Clara needing rescuing  is a bit too much as The Snowman was much better but the ending with Clara asking to wait another day is a good twist.

115th: The Girl In The Fireplace 6/10

I get the story but the whole Doctor and Reinette romance is too far and starts ruining Rose   because of what they do with the Doctor.

114th: Fires Of The Pompeii

Its a good story and Donna struggle to accept what happens in 79AD stays in 79AD which leads her in to danger which I don’t  think she desrved but gi does lead her and Doctor to a impossible situation which they are can only get out by activating the volcano that kills everyone of Pompeii but Donna is able to convince the Doctor to save one family which the Doctor would later remember in the Twelfth Doctor era.

113th: Boom Town 6/10

The Rift is  well used in this story and much better than before but I still don’t have a strong connection to this story. Rose starts to bother me a bit and that is a problem. The Slitheen’s life cycle is a good addition and the TARDIS being telepathic is well used too and the telepathy stuff is still used to thus dayl It’s a shame the Slitheen haven’t  returned in Doctor Who but thankfully been used in Sarah Jane Adventures.

112th: The Caretaker 6/10

The monster was good and dangerous but the whole Danny plot ruined it for me as he is much better than that. The Doctor as a caretaker was good though.

111th: The Lodger 6/10

Matt Smith and James Corden are a good pairing but I wasn’t a fan of the episode and the Doctor gets a bit too far involved when trying to blend in but it’s still a good one.