What is wrong with John Smith? – Human Nature and The Family Of Blood Review

Human Nature and Family Of The Blood is a two parter which is about  the Doctor and Martha  forced to go into hiding from the Family Of Blood and the Doctor risks it and turns into human. Sadly, the Family catch up with them and worse, the humans Doctor treats Martha badly and gets himself a love interest who is also rude to Martha which I would say “NAUGHTY! Apologise at once John and Joan! That is not a nice thing to do!” Luckily, after a few close calls, John turns back into the Doctor and gives the Family revenge and unfortunately is turned down by Joan and he gives the watch to Tim Latimer who stole the watch and saw the future. Tim fights in WW1 with Hutchinson who bullied him at school and survives and sees the Doctor and Martha again at a Remembrance Day service.

My highlight of the story is the whole WW1 and embrace day thing as it works and kind of helps the story. Especially with Tim Latimer who’ stole the show from Joan Redfern. Thomas Sangster is a great actor and plays a faultless performance

Freema Agyeman was a hero and proved herself a bit too late in the series but stole the show from David Tennant. I felt her sympathy as a lot of people except Jenny before she is possessed by the Family treated her badly needed cause of how people like Martha got treated at the time and I didn’t like the racism and hurt she received but stood up greatly and stayed with the Doctor no matter how badly he treated her.

The Doctor in this for me doesn’t appeal to my taste as I didn’t like his attitude towards Martha and once again, his problem with romance continues when it ends in heartbreak which is not a good thing for me but we fans will understand that as a human and doesn’t have his original personality. I do feel for him more in The Family Of Blood as we realise he doesn’t want to turn back to a time lord as he loses the love of his life which  sadly he does as she can’t love him the way he was when he was a human and when he turns back, I cab understand his anger and pain as he punishes the Family for what they put him through. He thanks Martha at the end which I am glad he does as she stuck with him and protected him.

Jessica Hynes does a good job but my opinion on her character has changed over time and at the moment, she doesn’t give me anything and I don’t like her attitude towards Martha but she redeems herself near the end of the story.

Good story that could have been much better. Villains in this story were good and a near perfect risk but just doesn’t impress me much but a good try.

Score: Part 1: 5/10

Part 2: 6/10

Overall: 11/20