What Went Wrong and What Went Right with Danny Pink

Time to focus on the character of Danny Pink and I rarely speak about him on the blog but now, I want to discuss what went wrong and what went right with him.

Here is what went wrong

His relationship with the Doctor at the beginning

His relationship with the Doctor just didn’t impress me as I was on the Doctor’s side. I just felt he was forcing Clara to believe him and I am like “YOU DON’T TELL CLARA WHO AHE SHOULD HANG WITH!” He forced his way at the wrong time when the tow friends friend were struggling to understand and probably the reason I blame all of the for the fall out in Kill The Moon but I wouldn’t rule out it growing on me.

Romance with Clara

I don’t think this worked for me and the fact he lasted a year and Clara got into a romance a year after her crush on Eleventh Doctor doesn’t work and I juts wasn’t a fan of the missing either. It just should have been a friendship that didn’t damage another friendship. But Jenna and Samuel has good chemistry but it just didn’t get me enthusiastic and shipping them. But people do ship them as Pinkwald and I respect that but it was a big mistake and could have been much better.

But what went right for Danny…


He may have tried to damage a struggling friendship  but he helped save and that is how you do it, he may be unhappy with Clara travelling with the Doctor again but he kind of gave Clara the energy and whatever happened on the Orient Express changed her mind.

Soldier storyline 

Danny killed a young boy when he was fighting abroad and this what changed his life forever and I love the fact we see him get emotional in Into A Dalek makes us realise he regrets what he did. We see him use his soldier skills in The Caretaker to buy the Doctor time to save the world from Skvok Blitzer. He got the chance to come back but swapped places by given the boy he killed a second chance of life and that is what happens when you make a mistake but did the right thing.


Danny is a good leader even though sometimes, people might have disagree with what he calls them. An example is when he wasn’t in charge of school trip, he called the schoolchildren team and a child said they would join him but not call them team. His biggest leading challenge was after was killed and converts into a Cybermen and is successful in leading the Cybermen and himself to destroy the Cyber Pollen that converted him into a Cybermen in the first place but ends up sacrificing himself in the process, the Doctor’s approval.

Danny Pink is a grower on me and hopefully, I will approve of things that went wrong as he was a hero despite what he went through.