What do Doctor Who fans think of S11

Series 11 is over and has divided people throughout the world but I want to hear what are your favourite moments. I have asked people to chose a their favourite moments and I will present them to you now… 


“Someone asked what one word characteristic would you describe this Doctor has that’s different from the others. I said this Doctor has a level of calmness, stillness about her that I love. So my favorite moment is below that I believe showcases that characteristic beautifully.”


“It has to be when the Doctor talked with King James I after she got accused as a witch in The Witchfinders. Gave me this unexplainable feeling inside.”


“When the Doctor convinced the solitract to keep her instead of Hanne’s father, it was one of the most Doctor-ish moments she’s had, and that’s essential to the character to have these moments, but it also made me love her even more. Just very much the Doctor to me!”

“I love it when Thirteen finally remembers she is the Doctor. The whole episode worked its way to her becoming herself again, and for me it was very satisfying since it was in the midst of heroism, so much the Doctor, always helping where she can, even not yet knowing who she is!”


“When the Doctor is reunited with The Tardis in The Ghost Monument. It’s just this emotional reunion of two very old friends after having been parted. I also love the way Jodie Whittaker plays it, not only selling it extremely well but also being kind of a dork about it.”


 “It would be when she found her tardis, the reaction was so moving & her acting was sublime.  Jodie is FAB!”

Thanks to all those who contributed as I think there are some pretty amazing moments and the next blog will be when I choose my Top 5 moments of Series 11. Will it be same as the ones above or will I have something new? As River Song says, “Spoilers!”