Rosa Review

Rosa was risky story cause of the topic they were studying and I had lost hope midweek however it payed off and Malorie Blackman gave a great story which was beautifully written and acted by the cast.

My only critique is the characters who were racists as I didn’t like them and they made me angry inside but it came through as it’s felt heartwarming and heartbreaking but it had to be done and they do it. I understand people and children will be uncomfortable with it with the behaviour towards Ryan and Yasmin but it’s educational and am sure people will appreciate this? I didn’t like Krasko as he was rude man but am glad he was dealt with by Ryan but where do he go and will we ever know?

I learned about Rosa Parks in RE and I watched numerous clips and one of them was the scene where she gets arrested but out of both versions, I prefer the one in Doctor Who and in a big difference, the whole TARDIS team stayed on and I feel for Graham as he wanted to get off but he was old not to but despite them not wanting to be part of history, they stayed and they did the right thing as history stayed the same but with them involved but they all knew it would work out in the end.

Tosin Cole is probably one of the strongest companions this year and he acted well this time and I knew he would slay this episode and he did not disappoint. I felt for Ryan Sinclair this time and he deserved better.

I loved Vinette Robinson as Rosa Parks. Doctor Who fans will remember Vinette from 42 in 2007 which was written by Chris Chibnall as Abi Lerner but I prefer Rosa because Vinette was more convincing her and gave a emotional performance and was used well. 

Mandip Gill was better used this time a she she is a talented actress and does her best. I know next week, Mandip will come back and shine as she deserves to be praised and I think people will love her and I am excited to see what she can do next episode.

Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh were a comedy double act when the pretended to 

Be a married couple in the motel when a police officer is in the hunt for Ryan and Yaz who manage to escape with out being seen. They did it well and the Doctor called  Graham “Darling” and the other funny thing was Graham putting his hand on the Doctor’s right shoulder and she did a funny face but I don’t know what it means but but I have seen a few tweets but they are best friends (11 and Clara did it in The Crimson Horror and posed as a married couple) and hope we get more funny scenes with the Doctor and Graham and maybe be something emotional.

There were a few throwback as Krasko had three things related to past characters. He was a criminal who serves time in Stormcage where River spent her time serving a crime she didn’t commit but servetime to keep the enemies from killing the Doctor again but later pardoned and he is also a Time Agent like Captain Jack Harkness and along with Jack and River Song too, owns a Vortex Manipulator which the Doctor breaks just like with Jack in The Last Of The Time Lords.

They’re were rumours that  a song sung by Sia Furler would be heard on Doctor Who S11 however in a reverse turn of events, it was Andra Day with Rise Up which was perfect song for this episode and played at the end of the credits too. I actually find it an emotional song and I think this was the right song.

Definitely shows that with the right writer, a Historical can do well and mean so much to people and is educational to children and everyone. Malorie Blackman definitely did a good job and definitely is Historymaker. I loved everything except the racism but for a near perfect story, this definitely a step in the right direct

Score: 9/10