Leigh Talks – Arachnids in the UK Spoiler Free Preview

I haven’t seen the opener or any of the episodes as this is just a fan account so this is from official stuff and spoiler free reviews and TV Magazines 

Time for Yasmin ‘Yaz’ Khan to shine in the next episode as we meet her Mum, Dad and Sister for the first time.

The official sypnosis is

“The Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan find their way back to Yorkshire – and Yaz’s family – only to find something is stirring amidst the eight-legged arachnid population of Sheffield.”

I haven’t enjoyed spider like episodes in the past but I am not long to mention to them but I did love the Empress of The Racnoss as she is funny like this quote, “The Doctor man amuses me!” This looks like to be a different scenario to Kill The Moon with the giant spiders and giant webs only. My opinions could change this week but can this be a spider episode I like?

I am hyped for Shobna Gulati who plays Najia Khan who is Yaz’s mum. From what I have read, she is like the bubblier version of Jackie Tyler. She looks to be the one to watch. We are also to introduced to Hakim Khan played by Ravin J Ganatra who  is Yaz’s dad and Sonya Khan played by Bhavnisha Parmar who  is Yaz’s older sister who is mentioned in The Ghost Monument who  look to be a great addition to the show

Tanya Fear plays Dr Jade McIntyre whilst American legend Chris Noth plays Robertson who’s character name was mentioned in the radio times by Chibnall. Jade looks to be a very intriguing character as has scenes with the Doctor which should be interesting but Chris’ character Robertson is meant to be a character who wants to be the US President but ends up clashing with my girl Jodie and serves him right.

They have released a clip where the Doctor is about to say goodbye to her new friends when Yaz invites her to her own place for a cup of tea so maybe the premise is that the Doctor doesn’t want to leave them and a scene from the trailer unites the group possibly giving Robertson a good teaching on who should be in charge and at the end, that speech from the  Comic Con trailer, the Doctor now knowing these guys are amazing people invites them to join her by saying “Would you like to be my friends”and they would possibly say yes but will they, wait and see!