Arachnids in the UK Review

I think Arachnids in the UK definitely was successful but also not successful in a way. The plot worked fine but I felt the solution was a disaster because it felt weaker than last week which was emotional and much better and it was a Historical which doesn’t do well yet a Historical to a modern day story is really interesting. 

The regulars shone yet again but it was Mandip Gill who shine for me. She is amazing actress and have been impressed from her first ever episode and now introducing her family who were amazing and a shout-out to the Khan family. Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh were amazing again but it was Bradley as we saw Graham struggle at home with things remind him of Grace and I love it but I don’t know if the Who sympathy thing will work for me so that is huge worry for me and Tosin just brings Ryan to life and he is a modern chap with his own personality. Jodie Whittaker is definitely improving as we see her still attempt to get her personality tight but she is amazing and I love the fact that even though she doesn’t do anything against Tosin, she still stands up to him but for me I would love to see her stand up for things in her own way and bring her. Own personality back because she needs something to make her stand out which all the others before have done but we known Jodie and she will improvement and I DON’T THINK SHE IS FORCING HERSELF!

Chris Noth made Jack Robertson interesting and like the President Of The USA now but I the character didn’t impress me but he tried and that what matters but it the whole shooting the spider thing just went too far.  Chibnall needs to up his game when writing these characters as at the moment, still prefer Moffat over this which is a huge issue!

I loved Tanya Fear as Dr Jade McIntyre and she was amazing! Loved the character and felt that she cared about spiders which is a great thing and I think the guest cast are really pushing themselves even though some don’t do well.

Shobna Gulati really impressed me this week and I felt compassion for her as she deserves better and she was a interesting character. I love the concern which I felt for more than I have in previous years. I am satisfied that Naij not only got the impression that Yaz was with 13 but with Ryan too as it makes it more confusing as some fans are shipping 13 and Yaz which is fine and a novel definitely shapes them together but onscreen it’s shifting towards Ryan which is a good sign but I just don’t know who to side with here as they both brilliant pairings! LGTB represention is a the main issue Chibnall wanted to tackle and after last series, I expected improvement which definitely is a big improvement and keep it up!

The spiders were deadlier than the other villain we have had except the Stenza who were deadlier. But I expect better aliens which is very important and being more focus on them as well as the 4 leads.

The last scene probably is my 3rd favourite scene as the gang want to join the Doctor who definitely knows they might not always be safe like Rose, Clara and Bill who payed the price and Donna losing her memory but the trio don’t mind and the Doctor accepts them with welcome arms and I do prefer this to S3 which was too late but this. I love their friendship and when the Doctor callers them Team TARDIS (Great Name) and kind,y asks them if they what to pull the lever together shows that she is friendly and has accepted her friends since the first episode which 10 didn’t in S3 so yeah this is an improvement but please let the companions hug as it would make me feel happy!

A great episode but with a few mistakes costing them their ranking lead but I know things are going to improve and they have to now!

Score: 8/10