Smith and Jones Review

Freema Agyeman began her main tenure for one season with Smith and Jones. I will explain what I think about this episode .

Russell T Davies once again starts strong with introducing his only new companion since Rose to debut in a Season premier as Donna debuted at the end of Doomsday and the whole of The Runaway Bride. Freema plays Martha Jones, a Medical Student from London T Davies take a big risk which I think was the right thing to do a series we had our first companion from a different background  which makes me look back and say T Davies did it right and if this wasn’t a success then we wouldn’t have had more diverse companions like that’s good for Doctor Who history. We also had a different type of family as we saw companions deal with her divorced parents and that is a bad thing which actually works as story arc as this is referenced through the series and it’s important that every family of the companions has a different story as it’s shouldn’t be copying past families which is good for the Joneses’ as it’s entirely different. The big difference is that both of Martha’s parents are alive do she has a brother and a sister and is in the middle child of the family.

I love the plot as we see the Doctor and Martha meet in the street and then I never the hospital where the Doctor is investigating then they team up and become a great team. I love that Martha saves the Doctor after losing his blood and then the Dctor saving the hospital. Monsters are well used and it all fits well.

The Judoon were used well here and are popular with the Viewers which allowed them to come back and have a role in SarahJane Adventures in 2009 in the episode “Prisoner Of The Judson”. Inlove the fact that David Tennant’s accent gets jokedaround with the quote, “Judoon platoon upon the Moon”.T Davies did great here.

My favourite scene is the Joneses’ arguing about Annalise  the Dad Clive Jones has fallen in love with and the Mum Francine has a got at her defending Martha and they all walk off except Martha.

I am absolutely disgusted at the last scene. The Doctor is cold towards Martha only letting her have one adventure which for me ruins my enjoyment of Series 3 and always out Rose in his mind which makes me angry and say “GET OVER IT, ROSE IS GONE! GET A GRIP! ITS SO SELFISH MAN!” I don’t think it’s right and this what let’s tgeir relationship down and of course this why I absolutely give Human Nature and The Family Of Blood an absolute complain fest because of what happens and the romance needed to go at the time but NO cause they decided to keep it, this is one thIng that I dislike about T Davies running show.

It’s was a great opener, shame I have to so be hard on the ending!

Score: 9/10