Leigh Talks – Trial Of A Timelord (Classic Who 2020 Easter Weekend Special)

I originally planned this for June 2019 but I didn’t have time to do it but now I am doing this blog about S23!

The Doctor played by Colin Baker end up on trial for his life for breaking the first law of time and we see 3 adventures

The Mysterious Planet (Past – Peri Brown)

Timewarp (Present “Before Trial” – Peri Brown)

Terror of the vervoids (Future “After trial” – Mel Bush)

The final story is the Ultimate Foe and is mainly set in the Matrix and Courtroom and plays with the canonicity of the show.

Here is Leighcap of this series.

The Doctor is charge of messing with the First Law of Time (INTERFERING) and the Valeyard (PROSECUTOR) presents 2 case against him (BOO! Eh?)

Prosecuting Case 1:

The Doctor gets involved with stuff on Ravalox (Remember Oprhan 55, Just like that, it’s EARTH). A group of Rogues, Glitz and Dibber want to destroy a energy converted that channels stuff into L3 Drathro. They succeeed but it ends up causing trouble for the people in the tunnels. The Doctor is able to contain the explosion whilst Glitz and Dibber want some archives in a deal with Drathro but as he dies, the archives and burnt too.

Prosecuting Case 2

The Docotr and Peri end up on Thoros Beta and end up involved in the schemes of Sil who ends up trying mess with Peri and the Doctor abandons her when its revealed that he was forced to by the Time Lords and Peri ends up being killed by her new friend Yrcanos. (NAUGHTY TIME LORDS, DIDN’T THIS HAPPEN TITH CLARA. CRIME).

Defence Case

The Doctor and his new friend Mel visit Hyperion 3 on a distress call and loads of things happen..

– Loads of DEATHS

– Professor Lasky wants to breed VERVOIDS

– Bruchner attempts to destroy the VERVOIDS

– Rudge and the Mogarians attempt a unsuccessful hijack.

– Doland attempts a deal with the VERVOIDS

The Doctor has to destroy all the Vervoids but that doesn’t help his case and is charged on genocide (WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM)

Witnesses Revelations and Matrix Incident

Mel and Glitz are sent by the Master “I knew you would need them” and the Valeyard objects but Inquisitor let’s the Doctor have witnesses. Glitz explains the box and The Doctor gets angry and the Master reveals the Valeyard is a FUTURE INCARNATION of the Doctor (Between 12 and his last incarnation and at the moment, looks like the Doctor won’t be going for a while, NICE TRY TIME LORDS) Glitz and the Doctor have and adventure into Matrix and meet the mysterious Mr Popplewick and Mr JJ Chambers and ruin into the Master who attempts to kill the Valeyard but the Doctor and Mel (Who manages to get into the Matrix on her second attempt) work out its a illusion and Glitz reclaims the archives for him and the Master which don’t end up well and the Doctor discovers that Popplewick is the VALEYARD who is attempting mass murder the timelords in the court. Mel warns the Inquisitor and the Time Lords and is able to warn them to run whilst the Docotr disconnects the Matrix and the Valeyard is left to his fate but is later revealed to have escaped and take on the form of the Keeper whilst the Doctor is cleared of charges.

What do I think?

I love th majority of the series but I am not a fan of Mindwarp but I do give it props for trying something new and it does link it with the trial. Colin Baker is at his best here and you can’t deny it, he is less violent than he was and I am angry that he was fired after this a he served more respect but he is loved by the fandom and that’s a good thing. Nicola Bryant was good as Peri and I think she deserved better. Bonnie Langford was a standout here. She is overhated to be honest but Mel is a hero in the final episode and she is amazing and did well here.

There is amazing guests arts lie Michael Justin, Lynda Bellingham, Tony Shelby, Joan Sims,Tom Chadbon, Nabil Shaban, Christopher  Ryan, Brian Blessed, Honor Blackman and Antony Ainley as the MASTER.

Its a great story and expands folklore in the Whoniverse too with a future incarnation of the Doctor.