Cybermen Moon Invasion – The Moonbase- Classic Who Easter

This is one of my favourite classic cybermen episodes. I am not originally a fan of the classic ones but this one is appealing.

Patrick Troughton makes his Doctor stand out well and is funny and starts the talking to himself trait which other Doctor’s like Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker have done. There is something about Patrick that works here. He cares for Jamie when he is goes into a derelium after jumping too far on the moon landscape. Love Patrick.

The there companions, Fraser Hines, Michael Craze and Anneke Wills are the best in this episode and we see them all at use here which is really good. Polly is more useful in this episode than she has been as I don’t get why they have to use her as a rescue plot point  in most fo the episodes which is my main flaw of classic who. The boys have action moments as well which is entertaining.

The side characters like Nils, Hobson and Benoit are really good. Benoit is the most entertaining with his line. My favourite one is, “You can’t do that, the torus will burn out,”

The Cybermen have a upgrade and are more developed than last time, and there is a lot more as they try to invade the Moonbase by partially converting member of the base like Doctor Evans who was the first one to be effected.

I love this plot, it’s probably one of my early favourites of the era but the resolution is probably of the most hilarious ones an it entertains me so much.

Brilliant story and it’s brilliant.

Score: 10/10