I didn’t lose the image! – The Three Doctors Review – Classic Who Easter 2020

One Doctor is enough but Three, OH BOY but this is entertainment. But a hilarious villain who has a temper cause he wants’s to exist cause of his will, proper entertainment for the fans with a the the theatrical  style, “Now You Too Will Need Such Masks” or “I make the terms here!”

My favourite aspect is Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee’s Doctor arguing as it makes it more enjoyable to watch when they don’t agree.


3: You lost the image!

2: I didn’t lose the image! You saw! It faded away!

I love it when they start to unite and it makes a good multi Doctor story. William Hartnell could take prt as much but he was still amazing and it’s sad that it was his last appearance.

Katy Manning was amazing. Jo is cute but she is determined young women determined to help the Doctor an has to break the arguing Doctors and she cares about the Doctor in Part 4. Similar to Clara, Rose & Yaz in the revival series.

Seargeant Benton played by John Levene is one of my all time favourite classic characters. I like the line ‘The Full Treatment,” it makes me laugh a lot.

I love Nicholas Courtney and she is really funny, especially when he is angry. He is a well loved character in the seres and is very appreciate.

The story is amazing and the story of the organism taking innocent people like Mr Ollis, Dr Tyler and Bessie the Car (Poor Bessie!) I find Dr Tyler a interesting guest character ad he is very funny & I think make the character stand out!

Stephen Thorne as Omega is a amazing casting. There is something about Stephen’s Omega that stands out for me and I love a villain with this nature.

Great episode!

Score: 10/10

Dedicated to Stephen Thorne (Omega) 1935 to 2019