Helpful Tips In Quarantine

At the moment, most of us are sadly at stuck at home but I thought I would share and give some helpful tips on what you can do at home. This will be helpful for everybody.
You can start reading a new book series or try a reading challenge which might inspire you to keep on reading after its over.
Family Time
If you have your family with you, spend some quality time with them, chat with them, watch tv or play a game.
If you are split from your family and want to keep in touch, you can either ring them or Skype/FaceTime them.
If you own a blog or YouTube, you can do more content whose at home.
Social Media
Keep in touch with your friend on Twitter and check on them.
Write you own stories about your favourite shows.
Activity Books
Draw or write in your activity books.
Play, hug and spend time with your pets.
There are loads more but her are the top picks and I hope you enjoy these tips!