Doctor Who Week Day 1: The metaphysical engine or what Quill did Review

Topic: Spinoff

Chosen spin-off: Class

Episode: The metaphysical engine or what Quill did

This episode is cantered around Katherine Kelly’s character Andrath Quill Who has a alien called the Arn stuck in her head after being punished for going against the Rhodian empire and locks the students in a room in Detained which is set in the same time frame whilst she gets the Arn removed from her head by Ballon and Dorothea Ames, the new Headmistress who replaced Mr Armitage in Co Owner of a Lonely Heart.

I love we get to know about Quill in this episode like the birth and the God and a Zygote and The Metaphysical Engine.

I find it odd that Quill and Ballon have sex and Quill ends up pregnant and kills Ballon for her freedom but I do respect that she buries him before she leaves.

Katherine Kelly shines and probably ends up as one of my favourite Class characters!

Score: 8/10