Kerblam Review

Kerblam didn’t disappoint me and once again proving why the future stories might be my favourite but not everyone else’s.

The team have definitely been a great addition and everyone had something to do “At last!” Jodie Whittaker is definitely growing every week and displays kindness and seriousness for the first time giving her great performance through the episode. Jodie had a few past references to her past selves including the Fez and mentioning Agatha Christie Whitman h happened in The Unicorn and the Wasp which is another great episode and I got all of them so well done Jodie. Tosin Cole continues his success as he tries to overcome his dyspraxia by surviving a fall at one point when trying to find Kira and shows his Warehouse knowledge and skills which impresses The Doctor. Mandip Gill puts another emotional performance which I prefer in this week to Demons of Punjab and shows her concerns as well and being a friend to Ryan like she did in the first two episodes making her a role model to others and impressed when typing to restrain Charlie who later is killed after not listening to the Doctor. Bradley Walsh continues to be a funny guy and shows concern as well to others and nearly makes a mistake by popping the bubble wrap which Ryan is narrowly lucky with at the start. All guest stars were great this week and my favourite is Julie Hesmondhalgh as Judy Maddox who was amazing.

Thirteen did a a Twelve action this week by leaving someone to die which was. Harlow Who kind of deserved it but maybe 13 wanted him to suffer no more might be a reason she decide to leave him to get killed after what happened to his love interest Kira. Jodie hasn’t had any hassle like Peter Capaldi in and that is unfair to him but at least people get her.

I loved Kerblam and there were amazing action sequences and more Venusian Akido in this series and the designs were amazing and the concept of the robots being bad makes me think that they killed to try and warn people about Charlie was a great idea. Pete McTighe definitely delivered and should come back in the future as he definitely has the stuff like Jamie Mathieson and Sarah Dollard and is probably the best guest writer this year.

Score: 10/10