Doctor Who Day 3: The Keys of Marinus Review – Chosen by @JackHarkness_13

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Episode: The Keys Of Marinus

@JackHarkness_13’s Review

Of all the eleven Classic Who serials, I’ve watched “The Keys of Marinus” is my favorite for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it’s the least clunky of them. Most Classic Who stories are great ideas and start out really well but after the second or third part, they start to drag on your feet. But, with “The Keys of Marinus”, what you get is essentially six induvial plots tied to together by one loose string, which is done quite effectively.

The first part of the story is titled “The Sea of Death”. I just want to say, Ian wearing his outfit he wore in the previous serial, “Marco Polo” is the precious thing ever.

The sets are quite impressive for being in the 60s. The stories are engaging and wonderful. All the companions get their time to shine, especially since the Doctor is absent for two episodes.

For once, the one off characters don’t bore me half to sleep

I honestly don’t like I’ll enjoy a Classic Who serial, as much as I do this one. People should really watch it

Leigh Craddock’s Review

Keys of Marinus is a similar to The Chase but it’s a different setting every episode so it’s quite a adventurous story and a well used story. There is a man called Arbitan who steals the TARDIS key and forces the Team to find the 6 (Yeah 6) Keys of Marinus which I find quite forceful and mean but it does create the storyline. They use travel dials to find their keys and helped by Altos and Sabetha but often lose their travel dials (BOO!)

The dangerous part is when Ian is accused of killing someone which he didn’t do and that sets up the final group of episodes however in the final part, the Doctor, Barbara and Susan clears him of all charges.

All 4 leads are great and it’s great to see them together. Family set up woes in their favour like the S11 team! Ian and Barbara have an episode to themselves called the Snows Of Terror and their fans will love it but I think their an give them more character development, Susan has a role but the Doctor is written out just for two episodes until his does a unexpected entrance in Sentence of Death.

The Voord is a scary monster and the way it attack’s the crew. Very scary but well used but Arbitan might have been underused if I am honest as he is only in episodes.

Brilliant episode and a great concept that is used differently next series. Definitely one I would recommend to watch.

Score: 7/10

Thank you @JackHarkness_13 for getting involved!