Doctor Who Week Day 4: Genesis of the Daleks – Chosen by @DrWhoTimenspace

Topic; Review chosen by a fan

Episode: Genesis of the Daleks

@DrWhoTimenspace’s Review

Genesis of the daleks is my all time favourite doctor who story, and obviously that’s why it has a special place in my heart. It’s just such a sensational story, and introduces Davros, as well as explaining the origins of the daleks, which makes it such an important story. It’s got an absolutely sensational TARDIS team, and delivers the two wires scene, which is arguably one of the best in doctor who history. That is why I thought it’d be the perfect story to be featured on DW what why!

Leigh Craddock’s Review

Genesis of the Daleks continues the arc of trying to return the TARDIS on Space Station Nerva from Ark In Space and they are stopped by the Time Lord who wants the Doctor, Sarah and Harry to stop something happening on Skaro which is the home planets of the Daleks and gives them a Time Ring to return to the TARDIS. The story is based around the trio stoppping the creation of the Daleks but they also to defeat Davros played by Michael Wisher (This episode only) and his assistant Nyder played by Peter Miles.

I think this episode is quite a story as it goes backs to how the Daleks were created. I love how the Doctor questions should he kill and destroy the Daleks which I think is quite a story, similar to the S8 story arc. I like it when he is conflicted and then does the right thing. The ending is great as it shows that sometimes even though the Doctor’s plan gets interrupted by a Dalek, he escape the mine with Sarah, Harry and the others whilst Davros and his Daleks get trapped with Davros’ creations turning on him and killing him but next time, he is back and still alive.

Terry Nation wrote the story and was asked to writer a origin story for the Daleks after his previous attempts were enjoyable but were like his previous stories and it works and definitely a different o  to other origin stories.

It’s a good story but getting captured over and over again kind of is a bit too much but they get the story right!

Score: 6/10