Time Fracture Spoiler Free Blog

On the 6th April, I got the chance to attend the Time Fracture Immersive Theatre. I want to talk about what I did, how it works and my thoughts but without be spoilery so if you an en visited, it’s kind of heP


I was meant to go in Summer 2021 but unfortunately, I couldn’t go because of the flood damage. This unfortunately happened again weeks later but these things happen.

I was unsure if we could visit because I don’t live nearby but luckily after various scenarios, I was able to go on my third attempt.

Here is some info about the trip and what to expect…

Before and after my visit, I also had glimpses at familiar Doctor Who locations from the Shard to St Paul’s Cathedral. I passed Trafalgar Square to and from the station.


How it works is you wait outside where you are checked by security and check in with the Unit Soldiers. You arethen are sent in a small group at a time and as you see in the trailer, you are briefed before setting off with the mission. That’s all I can really say.

Through the show, you either split into a small group or stay as a bigger group. As a smaller group, you do different roles but you all do the same together.

Like a normal theatre, I think you get Act 1, interval and Act 2. But the best thing about the interval that’s is not your normal interval.

What did I think?

I think it was good. It was a good experience and I properly felt I was in an adventure.

I loved seeing people get involved with the cast as it was fun, funny and scary all at different times.

The cast were amazing and the fact they often play more than one role makes me respect them even more as it’s a tricky thing of your having to pay more than one character for a long time. Thank you for your service.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and it’s very helpful to you.

If you have been to Time Fracture, did you enjoy it?

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