Yasmin Khan – Potential Favourite Companion

Mandip Gill is a amazing actress and I have been huge fan of Yasmin “Yaz” Khan in S11. I think she is under appreciated but she has done much even without having a huge role.

I love her kindness and kind heartedness as she cares about others. One of these is her school friend Ryan Sinclair who she helps fight his dyspraxia and is able to do things he wouldn’t normally do like save Charlie and look out for him when he is climbing ladders in his first two episodes. Also, she understands Ryan more as they both suffer racism and share experiences is Rosa and feels him when he reveals the death of mother and why his father left in The Tsungara Conundrum.

Yaz loves her job. She wants more but her Boss won’t understand her but she is calm and we see this when Ryan is slapped by a man who was racist to him just cause he was trying to give his wife purse back and is punished cause he is different and attempts to use her police skills to tell him of but is unsuccessful but does her best. She also attempts to take down Charlie Duffy when he is revealed to be against the robot systems at Kerblam but is able to hold him down for a while.

Yaz is loyal to the Doctor and as she says when she joins her travelling for good, “Your like the best person I’ve ever met!” He loyalty is seen when she sticks with the Doctor instead of helping Paltraki on Rankoor Av Kolos and her loyalty is rewarded when she is able to contribute into freeing the Ux.

Here are some of the other skills she has been seen with:

– She is able to use football skills to kick the Pting away from the Antimatter drive in the Tsungara Hospital.

– Inspires the Doctor to Reverse the Polarity of  the mirror portal in the mirror universe

I would love to see Yaz in S12:

– More time with her family

– Yaz getting more physically involved so she is able to show what she can do as she is capable from her performance in S11.

Thank you to Mandip Gill for playing Yaz and hope we see more great stuff from you.