Smiling to stay alive – Smile Review

Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie came back with a brilliant story that people have a problem with. I love it more when I watched it than before as it shows your opinions can change from what you are dreading to actually enjoy in it. Matt Lucas was good but he was still growing on me but Oxygen changes my mind and it’s similar what I felt with Smile.

Bill wants to visit the future so the Doctor takes her to the future to his colony planet where the robots Vardies and Emojibots who have served the humans have killed all the colonists and most of the story is centred around the Doctor and Bill solving the mystery and are successful in saving the new colonists despite them causing trouble and then end up in London 1812 which leads to Thin Ice.

Ralf Little lied about his appearance after him being rumoured but it wasn’t enough as he kind of give it away as he was in the TARDIS where he was filming the video. His character is writen well but the character just felt a bit too mad cause he misunderstood why the Vardies were killing as he thought that were against the human race and hopefully his character learns something. I loved Praiseworthy and I am glad that he survived after learning that his mother was killed by the system after Steadfast goes too far and glad it’s Bill that saves him as it helps her in character development which we see in Thin Ice and once the Doctor fixed the systems, he was comforted by a Emojibots and gets a great future

The story is good and it’s very character based so this is where it gets the criticism for but it focuses on the two leads which is more important in the first few episodes of a new team. It’s type of story I love and the Doctor and Bill are definitely a great pairing here. Peter and Pearl are great together as they are developing more. I love it!