Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 100th to 91st


100th: A Christmas Carol 7/10

I didn’t watch this until January 2011 as I wasn’t a fan but it’s not a bad episode for me but i would have loved to see Amy and Rory have a better role. Loved the Marilyn Monroe gag as it’s hilarious and Katherine Jenkins as Abigail Pettigrew.

99th: The Doctor’s Daughter 7/10

I have seen a bit of dislike for this episode recently but my only critique is the trio being captured and tested badly by the humans and Martha by the Hath but the later stages redeem it. Georgia Moffat is a start here and deserves the appreciation. Jenny is a grower on me and am glad Jenny  is getting the appreciation on Big Finish. I do criticise emotional 10 but this one, I can feel his grief  as Jenny was part of his life and General Cobb took it away. Catherine Tate is great in this one.

98th: The Husbands Of River Song 7/10

I am a huge River fan but the first 2/3 just didn’t might my fire and I didn’t like her other usbands but the last 1/3 was better and what it should have been at the start. The Doctor and River were amazing together. Darillium was beautifully done.

97th: Day of the Doctor 7/10

Its ok but it could be much better. I am glad it was The Moment

than Rose Tyler as I think T Davies overused her too much and that why I don’t tend love her as much. I would have loved to have had another companion but Jenna Coleman did very well in her own. Good story and a good try.

96th: The Pyramid At The End Of The World 7/10

Its good but the ending isn’t good enough and I very disappointed because this what let’s S10 down for me, lack of teamwork and disagreements but love Erika.

95th: The Rebel Flesh 8/10 and The Almost People 8/10

Great story and contributes to the series story arc. Matt Smith at his best. Not a fan of the cliffhanger and the whole rescuing scenario but it’s a great cliffhanger.

94th: Closing Time 7/10

Its a ok story but it doesn’t give anything much for me but Lynda Baron is amazing.

93rd: Kill The Moon 8/10

Good but the guest cast should be a bit better and last 10 minutes ruin the teamwork and friendship that the Doctor and Clara and they deserve better. Danny is not that bad and after my criticism of forcefulness, he is back in my good books. Spiders were scary but were a great threat.

92nd: The Waters Of Mars 8/10

Great threat and great story. The ending works but I don’t like it as they go too far but good base under siege  story.

91st: Voyage Of The Damned 8/10

A popular episode watched by loads of viewers. I liked it and I don’t get the controversy on the Titanic. I do think they could have been better scenes but it’s a good story.