Why a female Doctor is a Good Thing? (International Women’s Day Special)

I love Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor and this International Women’s Day special is centred around the Doctor herself and I am discussing how a woman as the Doctor is a good thing and why she needs more love.

I think Jodie’s Doctor is a brilliant woman and is important person like all the other Doctors. It’s nice that girls get their own role model and Jodie fits the role perfectly.

I like the fact they made her gender a issue in the Witchfinders and she says, “These are hard times for women. If we’re not being drowned, we’re being patronised to death,” and she is later ducked but survives thankfully and I love the way she hits back at Becka Savage and confronts her as she learns the trials were caused by Becka’s paranoia of the Morax infecting her and the Doctor is right as she says, “The only thing you feared yourself!” She is right as what Becka did was wrong and the Doctor found it and dealt with her but was it too late as she was nearly fully transformed into the Morax Queen.

It’s nice to see a woman have a tough side as we see in Resolution as she takes on one Dalek and  gives it threats as she knows what it’s capable of.

I think she needs love as she is following what her predecessor played by Peter Capaldi had said before he changed into her and she is more kinder than his earlier days and  follows up on his and her other predecessors dislike of weapons and prefers peaceful ways.