Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Top 5 Favourite TARDIS Teams

Doctor Who mainly has a TARDIS Team so I thought I would share my Top 5 favourite TARDIS Teams.

Top 5 TARDIS Teams

5. The Scientific Advisor and his loyal crew (Pertwee, Manning, Courtney, Levene, Franklin)

I love an uniquely old fashioned crew and these guys are IT. Its a funny group who deserve more appreciation.

4. The revamped original team (Hartnell, Hill, Russel, O’Brien)

I liked it with Susan but there is something good about the addition fo Vicki that makes me prefer these lot more.

3 The Pond Family (Smith, Gillan, Darvill , Kingston

Love this family unit, the whole marriage thing is entertaining , their is a good vibe and they generally become a family.

2. Whouffaldi (Capaldi, Coleman)

Another relatable group. I do think they could have had better first 7 episode as a duo however, I feel emotionally connects and their last few episodes make me emotional as I love them so much.

1. Team TARDIS (Whittaker , Walsh, Gill Cole)

The team that I have given a lot of love for. All members are relatable ad their family unit marked them work together so well

That’s my top 5 favourite teams. Whose your favourite historical characters? Comment down below or on my twitter account @MattPeterJodie1.