S11 Updates – Part 3

Time to talk about the latest news updates!

Jodie Whittaker Interviews List

26th September – BBC Radio 6 Show 9am (Already aired by time of post being published)

28th September- BBC One Graham Norton Show 10: 35pm

29th September – BBC Radio 2 8am

                             CBBC Saturday Mash Up with Hacker T Dog 9am

12th October BBC Radio 2 6am

(It’s unknown when Jodie will appear on Radio Shows so times written above are the start times of the respective radio show)

Peter Capaldi gets singled out

As you are probably aware, Jodie’s predecessor gets insulted by BBC reporter Ian Youngs as not universally loved. I am not happy! You don’t leave any out and that is crime, Ian has never apologised but he tried to fix his statement but has only made things worse for himself, singling out Peter further. It’s not very nice and it’s just going to cause controversy which is actually true. Most people are blaming the BBC but I partially agree because Peter’s era got trashed by the BBC by latest start times, the unbelievable Dan Wooten being a very bad man who leaked John Simm’s return and people abandoning his era which is not great. It’s just sad to see to see myself in the middle of this but I will get over it.

Sasha also a loyal Twelve fan says “ I am not happy with this and to see one of the most talented actors along with Danny John Jules who plays the Cat in our other favourite show Red Dwarf this Mr Youngs has to understand that this is a crime and is going to get a lot of hate, that is reason why reporters are so mean. This wasn’t the first Doctor I properly knew and he needs more love but we should enjoy Jodie as well, not hate her cause of this crime from all reporter!”

Jodie and friends are shining!

I am very pleased that critics are ignoring the whole gender thing and focusing on Jodie as the Doctor and the more I hear positively, the more I am going to enjoy it! Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole are also receiving the love they need. More in my Women who fell to Earth preview which will be spoiler free and only include things from what we know and the spoiler free preview.s