The Magicians Apprentice/The Witches Familiar Review

Series 9 started with one confusing story which for me would take to long to explain. Also, it’s a two part story and I will warn you now that I am about get a little critical.

The stars are once again are the Doctor and Clara. Peter and Jenna are at their best in his episode  especially in the scenes together. The scene where the Doctor hugs Clara, it’s a shock as he is not a hugger. He returns to the old,ways later but he actually gives a spiny hug.


Sorry about this!!!!

I think story works but I am not really a fan of certain bits. I am not going into detail as it would be long to explain!


Alright, I’m back on it!

I have to say Davros is probably more ruthless than he has been and the backstory kind of helps the Doctor in a way from start to finish as he learns about mercy thanks to Clara however I get the scene and feel for Clara when the Doctor apologies to her after nearly killing her NOT COOL MISSY! NOT FAIR!  I am not sure that this scene should have been written but the scene but Peter, Jenna and Michelle both perform well and I give them credit. 

I loved Joey Price as young Davies the innocent version of Davros before he became the creator of the Dalek empire. 

Michelle Gomez only appearance till Extremis in 2017 but Missy does well but probably at her most deadliest and last time at her deadliest.

Colony Sarff was deadly and scary but i am not a fan of the character but Jami Reid Quarrell does act well in this episode but I think his next appearance in Heaven Sent is better than this.

It’s not the best starter I have seen but it’s a great story and probably better than Davros last appearance in 2008 which for me was alright but had major problems and too many cast members but this one is just a fantastic story and character development for the Doctor.


The Magician’s Apprentice: 8/10

The Witch’s Familiar: 7/10