Series 11 Trailer 2 Review

On the 20th September, the BBC released the trailer for S11 of Doctor Who on the Internet

Here is the trailer

The trailer included the classic “I’m the Doctor”, from Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor with “When people need help, I never refuse!” A bit of the quote reminds some of us of the quote that the Twelfth Doctor says in Oxygen, “We show our true colours by how we respond!” She is in remains of Peter Capaldi’s outfit and an apron on where she will make her sonic screwdriver which we have seen from the Comic Con trailer. Other scenes where she is in the same outfit in this trailer is a scene where she has the goggles on her head when she is finished making the sonic screwdriver. One where she is on a train presumably and a kind of creature is on board. The final scene is when she is in Sheffield in daylight, saying “I’m just a traveller”.

We saw the new team consisting of Jodie herself and her friends Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill), Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) and Graham O Brien (Bradley Walsh) running away from a monster with a hood and guns similar to Sontarans and the Judoon and the boys running away from a GIANT spider. In Kill The Moon, Peter Capaldi also faces a giant spider but what is the problem this time? 

I loved a scene where this American guy questions the Doctor being in charge and her friend stand up to her which I think is important for the role for the Doctor to be in charge as we saw in Twelve’s era like in Time Heist where Jonathan Bailey as Psi and Pippa Bennett Warner as Saibra questioning the Doctor being in charge.

Quick list of other stuff in the trailer

  • The Doctor pointing her sonic and running away from monsters 
  • The Doctor’s friend getting on in the action
  • The Doctor blowing a kiss?

I loved the trailer and was pleasantly surprise when a I found the trailer and was instantly impressed more than the previous one which felt a bit boring and not as interesting as it was earlier. Jodie continues to shine for me and I think this girl is going to be one of the best alongside Twelve and could be the best more than one companion team since 2012. Bradley definitely is going to be like William Russell’s Ian Chesterton and Mandip and Tosin are rising as well.

I am excited and hoping for good teamwork and stories that stand out!