Leigh Talks – What Do I Think Of S1

S1 started my era of Doctor Who and even though I didn’t begin till S2 properly , this is good starting point for people to begin.

Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor for this series. I liked Chris’s interpretation of the character  and its a shame Chris struggled behind the scenes and left after one series but he did a amazing job. I think he brought out some intense scenes with pure emotional and this why it’s a good series.

Billie Piper plays Rose Tyler. I like her more in this series than S2 but I also relate to her more here. She has fantastic moments and I love there fact that they chose a singer to play her and this helped Billie’s acting career.

There are 4 recurring characters

– Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri)

– Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke)

– Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley)

– Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)

I like them all but unfortunately some of these guys have made a bad influence. My favourites are Jack and Mickey becomes Jack is a entertained and kind of has comic value as a character like Nardole does but more stylish but I love the action figure. Mickey grows from being scared and he does have a relapse in Boom Town and that can happen but I feel S2 is where he grows more.

Bad Wolf arc is one of Russell T Davies best story arcs in his era and I like the way he uses different kind of referencing like graffiti and names. I am glad they re use it a future series so I am glad it’s more memorable story arc for me.

I liked the majority’s of the episodes. There was a bit of a decline in the second half but they came back with a bang. My favourite ones were the Dalek ones as it kind if was more danger related and led to the Doctor’s regeneration. The Satellite 5 centred ones were good as well.

Here is my episode rankings:

1. Dalek – 10

2. The Parting Of Ways – 10

3. The Long Game – 10

4. Rose – 10

5. Bad Wolf – 10

6. The Unquiet Dead – 9

7. Father’s Day – 9

8. World War Three – 8

9. The End Of The World – 8

10. Aliens Of London – 8

11. The Empty Child – 7

12. The Doctor Dances – 7

13. Boom Town – 7

3 things I would improve:

1. Ross had some more likeablity.

2. More time with Male companions.

3. Better attempts at romance.

Great start to the series and Welcome Back Doctor Who!