Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 90th to 81st

The episodes get better as I climb up my rankings and more positive thoughts and views!

90th: The Next Doctor 8/10

I love the twist with the whole Doctor thing as he regains his memory as Jackson Lake and all the things that happened the “night he regenerated”. I like the new Cyberman additions lie the Cybershades and the Cyberking. David Tennant is at his best here, that speech “I’m sorry Miss Hartigan but look at what you’ve become” when he reverses the cyber connection after she is converted to become the Cyberking.

89th: Lie Of The Land

The Monks can be not great but they do serve a purpose. Bill and The Doctor arguing is not the thing I like to see and the teamwork was not good and this is what makes the difference in S10 whether it’s high or low placing. Matt Lucas is probably the star of the episode for me. Michelle Gomez returns on a good pint and brings new characterisation to her version of the Missy. At the end, Peter Capaldi brings in a huge performance in both his scenes at the end.

88th: The Magician’s Apprentice 8/10 and The Witch’s Familiar 7/10

This is my favourite opener and it has my favourite pairing. I actually like and didn’t mind the whole Mercy and Davros thing as it’s a different type of the story. I felt sad and angry for what  happens to Clara and the Doctor here and Missy is good but it just had bits I didn’t like.

87th: Empress Of Mars 8/10

Didn’t watch this till 2018 but it was similar to Cirse Of Peladon but a different plot and it was ok  it I didn’t like the character of Catchlove but Bill has great role. Mark Gatiss did a great job by adding the surprise appearance of Alpha Centauri voiced by Ysanne Churchman who voiced the character in the Peladon stories.

86th: Knock Knock 8/10

It’s a great episode. Bill’s flat mates are likeable. It’s a crime that they took out the Harry Sullivan reference. David Suchet is great and his characters storyline is done well.

85th: Asylum Of The Daleks 8/10

The Ponds start to falter for me and it’s a shame as I love these guys but it’s a bit issue and people do criticise the Divorce story line which was too short. Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith are amazing and sets them up their stories together despite them being in separate rooms which creates something moving and the music is moving too.

84th: Vampires Of Venice 8/10

Great story but the companions do feel weak here but luckily it’s a little one episode fault. Matt Smith is great here and is very fierce and delivers when the companions don’t.

83rd: The Power Of Three

Chris Chibnall writers a great story, it could have been a two parter but did good nonetheless. Kate Stewart is at her best here as afternoon that, I don’t feel the character but I respect that she is different to her dad, the Brigadier. I love the Ponds and Brian and just like Dinosaurs, they are  written well.

82nd: Arachnids In The UK 8/10

I love Yaz’s family and the Doctor’s attempt at small talk. Spiders wer great plot and the end was heartbreaking but the resolution and Robertson wasn’t great. The ending was magical and different but it’s nice that the Doctor is not taking any risks on the fam’s safe and a nicer ending shot where the fam push the lever together showing their friendship continue.

81st: The Waters Of Mars 8/10

Characters are OK and Lindsay Duncan plays Adelaide Brooke as a leader and respected person who cared about others. Great plot with a twist I never expected. I get the Doctor learning what he di was wrong but I just don’t feel it and it ends up in a way that makes me think he isn’t the Doctor and that is not a good sign.