The personality of Twelve in more detail: Emotional

Welcome back to Part 2 of this Series. Let’s explain Twelve’s emotional moments


Saying goodbye to Clara

The first bit it’s really touching as we see him refuse to lose Clara and he accepts the hug with a sad face. Plus he kisses her goodbye which shows his friendship means a lot and we see it in Heaven Sent where he is emotionally angry and nearly gives up until Clara in his head says no way. The final episode of this goodbye shows the Doctor losing his memory of Clara’s after a damaging attempt to save Clara and we see Peter and Jenna act one of their strongest scenes to their fans and it just feels something that lacked in the previous eras.


Dealing with the Two Masters

One of the scenes that stood out in the finale for me as it shows that from the beginning, we have seen a twelve change from questioning his loyalty but this scene shows why he is a good man. It feels like he is going to break down but he holds on.



One of the most brilliant scenes in the show as we see Twelve cry as prophecied in Forest of the dead in 2008. This is a great scene as we learn that Twelve is sad but mustn’t tell River why and that why you feel for them as they love in opposite timelines.

The Doctor at Darillium


So that is Part 2! Final part will be released before Christmas Day!