Why I love the tenure of Peter Capaldi

It’s time to say goodbye to Da King of coolness and grumpiness, Peter Capaldi and I would like to share why I love his era.


When he began, I nearly lost my cool because I was worried that making him dark would ruin the show however once I watched the first ep, I was fine. This worriedme for several weeks especially Kill the Moon as I was unhappy with the entries story but could Peter save it? The answer is yes because the next ep gave answers. I saw Peter give a masterclass of skills and used his predecessors skills and passion in a scary episode, loved the outfit and loved how he played the gentlemen to Clara and explain why he acted so harshly. The episode is currently my favourite episode overall but will it last? The finale finally gave Peter a chance and he finished with two strong eps and gave answers to what be wanting and I felt that it is the right answer because yeah he is a both.


Peter came into his first Christmas special with strong force and never let himself down and saw his Doctor care for Clara as he wanted her alive and well and delivered in the happy ending to keep the chain of brilliant endings.


I loved the change in Series 9 as we see in this picture…

Da King is here


He plays the instrument which relates to Peter’s old days in a band with this old pal Craig Ferguson which makes me feel like I would want to be in Peter’s band. Loved the tale of series as we saw him get concerned for Clara and it felt better than we saw with Rose and Ten as they acted selfishly. I loved Twelve trying to hug people especially in the opener when he goes to hug Clara. Peter’s high point in the series was a Heaven Sent as it’s one of my personal favourites and just edges out the edge of destruction in the first ever series of Doctor Who. Teaming up with Steven Moffatt and Rachel Talalay, Peter performed a passionate and personal performance which has got positive comments and has made me write a bilingual song that I have named My personal hell. The ep just is a scary ep with a faceless figure hunting the Doctor and you feel like you’re there so that’s why Peter is brilliant in this next ep.


The Husbands Of River Song was a  Challenge as Peter had never done an ep with Alex Kingston before but this has made several people jealous including former doctors. Peter made the flirting luck so easy and gave it a passsionate performance especially the final scene which was emotional and some beautifully.


FUN FACT: Twelve has done things that Eleven never did

1. Orient Express

2. Darillium


Series 10 is one of Peter’s best as we se his Doctor guard Missy in a Vault with Nardole as well. The best thing about the Doctor and Nardole is that they banter a lot and the Doctor always wins and it makes me laugh. The best thing is the Doctor’s relationship with Bill Potts played by historymaker Pearl Mackie a season I felt it was good and they cared about each other. The finale is one of Peter’s best and he gives convincing performance especial of his be kind speech. The best moment is when he faces the Cybermen as it’s better than a few of the regenerations before and apeter gives the biggest performance especially when he counters his original incarnation played by David Bradley so we must leave it there.


I just want to thank Peter for bringing something different to Doctor Who and for allowing for me to join a close group of friends in a group that I will stay in for a while and for being brilliant in a role he has being dreaming of since the show began in 1963. He has impressed me and I will miss him.

Good luck and thank you Peter