Oxygen Review – London Comic Con Special 1

Jamie Mathieson hits another great story with Oxygen but its the TARDIS threesome who win the episode

Matt Lucas has his first central role after four episodes of not having much to do as Nardole but this time, proves he is needed as a team member. Matt delivers the jokes and Nardole is quiet stern with the Doctor especially at the end when he gives the Doctor a good telling off. CALM DOWN MAN! How about a nice cup of tea? It is ok but it is a bit like a bit too much.

For me, this episodes continues the improvement streak for Peter Capaldi as we see his Doctor get absolute protective of Bill Potts as he gives up his helmet for Bill but ends up being blind but this guy never gives up and despite his handicap is able to save the day when he lies to Bill before a zombie touches her spacesuit and she suffers the same fate but there is a massive giveaway as she is not looking like the others, she is later is brought back into life when the Doctor reveals she is still alive due to her faulty spacesuit which was the cause of the Doctor’s actions when he became blinded. Nardole fixes it but at the end, is still blind unfortunately the blind storyline begins to frustrate me after Extremis with Monks and Bill’s actions but its still great. Peter give the emotions he needed to make it convincing and I am pretty sure th fans will feel that. I love the way we never knew Twelve was blind in the trailer until people worked it out before the airing and the special effects definitely make Peter stand out!

Pearl Mackie is great here, probably the best she has been since Thin Ice and the emotional performance she gives deserves a praise here and that is why I love Pearl as Bill. I love her hairstyle here as it makes me go like “Bill is slaying her hair”! Pearl needs more credit for her character as she was great with minor errors.

The emotions for all Twelve fans will be quite big and I can say that they will have connected with him for their love for Peter so if you are a fan of Twelve, you will feel his pain and that is great way for fans so you guys needs an applause for that.

The zombie make up is quite scary and that makes it monster of week even though its the spacesuit and the company at fault, mints just shows that the scary stories for me are going ahea of the emotional storylines with only Twice and The Doctor Falls as it only opponents from the other categories in my rankings. But its a favourite of mine and I love it!