Leigh’s Rankings – Revivals Series Openers Rankings

Here are my rankings of every revival series openers.

12. The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar (2015 – Steven Moffat)

This is isn’t a bad story and I do appreciate the style but some bits didn’t click for me and it’s overshadowed by the next eps and the finale in the same series. The guitar and sonics may be cringy to others but I love it.

11. Asylum Of The Daleks (2012 – Steven Moffat)

Love the danger element, not a fan fo the regulars being captured or forced but it works and we see Jenna Coleman join the show and makes her self a case for when she end sup joking for good. The divorce storyline because of Amy losing her temper really backfires, I like Amy by it made her look look bad and if this was done better and lasted longer, this could have been done well better.

10. Smith and Jones (2007 – Russell T Davies)

Great plot, Martha Jones definitely is a character that can think on pressure. What they did at the end was IS THE WORST CHOICE . It makes me dislike 10 and the fact is this finishes last in my series ranking kind of says the appeal of Ten wasn’t good enough. If they got it in a better and what they the were attempting to do, I would haven’t comparing  about it.

9. The Eleventh Hour (2010 – Steven Moffatt)

It’s a good episode. I will admit some of Amy’a actions don’t sit well with me but they do make a redeeming moment at the end. I love the last scene and it leaves a cliffhanger which is one of the best ideas in S5.

8. The Pilot (2017 – Steven Moffat)

This sitory has been hit or miss bit I appreciate the attempts. Pearl Mackie was great btu Matt Lucas’s Nardole didn’t do as well but did the best he could btu still was memorable. Bills crushes on women were hit or miss. And Heather was ok but she could have been way better.

7. Deep Breath (2014 – Steven Moffat)

I think its a good ep. Clara’s worries do leave me divided on her here but she redeems herself in time. Yes she has TWO MAJOR WOBBLES (I am still mad that she had to walk out in Kill The Moon) but unlike some of ehr predesscors, she comes back better. The OUTBURST about that kiss scene is ridiculous, but the hair scene I can more understand though. Peter Capaldi is good but he gets better during the series.

6. Rose (2005 – Russell T Davies)

I love the focus Rose in this one and her determination face to find about the mysterious man that saved in Henriks. Love the reuse of the Nestene Consciousness.

5. New Earth (2006 – Russell T Davies)

I rewatched this recently as one of my watchalongs. I know people don’t ;ike this but Cassandra being a diva in Rose’s body, Cats with Claws, Chip being a wimp for his mistress, it’s a comic fest.

4. Partners In Crime (2008 – Russell T Davies)

David Tennant gets the right partner in Catherine Tate. Yes Sylvia is probably the worst of the RTD Mother’s cause of her attitude but she is quite a comedian like with “The Car” scenario. Definitely love the Adipose and my big WILFRED MOTT!

3. The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon (2011 – Steven Moffat)

Even though the twist is in story is disive for me later on. Definitely Steven’s best opener. The twist is incredible and I don’t mind everything in this but it just gets repetitive  and boring in the episodes after.

The Ponds

2. The Women Who Fell To Earth (2018 – Chris Chibnall)

A BRILLIANT debut for Jodie Whittaker and after my dissapoitnemt  with the second half of S10, it brought back a good run of episodes. Chris Chibnall, you did it! You gave me a good story and she is here to STAY!

1. Spyfall (2020 – Chris Chibnall)

I love the spy thriller and Jodie Whittaker comes alive as the Doctor. A goo d start to S12 and with some Bond moments, makes one of the best pastiches done on the show.

Thirteenth Doctor on a Motorbike in San Francisco

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