Rose Review

As we count down to S11, I will review the openers of the first 10 series, starting with Rose. I think this is the perfect introduction to anyone who wants to begin with Doctor Who, The first character intoriduces is Rose Tyler played by singer/ actress Billie Piper and we are introduced to two supporting characters Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri), Rose’s mum and Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke), Rose’s boyfriend at the time. Rose is later put in danger when a security guard tells her to do something and ends up being chased by window shop dummies with guns but is saved by the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). Rose starts investigating the Doctor which leads to Mickey getting captured by the Nestene Concioussness. He is later rescued by Rose day the Doctor. Rose later uses her gymnastics skills to save the Doctor from the Nestene but also spills the anti plastic that was intercepted by one of the Autons in to the Nestene defeating the threat and unknowingly saving her mum who was cornered by Three shop dummy brides controlled by the Nestene. The Doctor asks Rose to join him but after a think, she joins him but leads to problems when she comes back when the Doctor makes an error when returning Rose home.

Christopher and Billie begin their only series strongly as it’s so good. Mark Benton is a first star I would watch as his scenes are weird but his character, Clive ends up getting killed by the Autons although I do thinks he can be quiet annoying but Billie kind of saves the scene as Rose when she is curious. The last scene is magical as we see Rose struggle on what she should do but she accepts the invitation as she runs into ten TARDIS which we see her do starlight away after the recap in the next episode. Autons were deadlier than last time and I kinda prefer the modern ones but the Nestene design is OK!

Story brought Doctor Who back and allowed new fans to join. Good Job Russell T Davies, one of your best stories!

Score: 10/10