The crimes of Doctor Who as voted by the fans

Fans on Twitter and Facebook have been voting for a week for the biggest crime that has been committed in Doctor Who, this will depend from spoilers leaked or a character that hasn’t been treated harshly or has been overlooked by most fans and other stuff. The votes have been counted and as can reveal what is the biggest crime out of the following choices

John Simm’s return leaked 60 75 135 67.50%
Poor promotion in 2015 75 50 125 62.50%
12 is underrated 37 78 115 57%
9 is underrated 35 50 85 42.50%
Less classic characters played by their original actors 15 67 82 41%
Rose is overrated 8 50 58 29%
6 is underrated 7 50 57 28.50%
Clara is underrated 32 25 57 28.50%
10 is overrated 21 22 43 21.50%
Less classic character mentions that have been neglected by writers 10 33 43 21.50%

Time for a detailed explanation….

=9th place: 21.5%

10 is overrated

David Tennant is one of the most popular characters but I think he is loved too much because I haven’t been a fan of his Doctor for a quite a few years since I loved him at the beginning. People will think maybe falling in love with companion was a bad move as it just in ended in disaster with Rose which was like he didn’t warn her enough.

Less classic character mentions that have been neglected by writers

Writers have said that they written them out as people would have probably not watched classic who but now thanks to twitch people have watched it now and thankfully, get love spit so that is a good move for Classic Doctor Who.  The people who did vote on this will though it was a big mistake for people like Mark Bartlett who wrote Knock Knock for writing out Colin Ryan’s Character Harry being related to Ian Marter’s companion Harry Sullivan. A disappointing move?

=7th place: 28.5%

Clara is underrated

Clara Oswald is often received by hate and this why she is underrated by fans. She had a great story and had plenty to do unlike the majority’s of the classic companions who travelled with others. She does have a fan base and it’s a shame that she doesn’t get respect by the fans.

The 6th Doctor is underrated

Colin Baker is loved by fans and of course is one of the biggest Jodie supporters. His Doctor was negatively received by the viewers cause of his violent behaviour especially when he attempted to strangle behaviour but despite that, he is loved anyhow and maybe the writing let the character down and Michael Grade wanted to stop the show which was a disgrace however they brought him back for the Trial of the Time Lord but after the series, Colin was fired which is not fair cause he was written incorrectly and the person who should be blamed is John Nathan Turner. To be honest, they were as bad as Euros Lyn which we will get to soon. But Colin deserved more love.

6th place: 29%

Rose is overrated

Billie Piper is a great actress however by Series 2, people start to get annoyed by Rose’s behaviour, one of the problems is jealousy and another is her love for the Doctor which some people don’t like however, there are some positives like leading the team in Sanctuary Base and saving the world on her own from the Isolus. Just like 10, she is overlooked by the public.

5th place: 41%

Less classic characters played by their original actors

Thanks to certain writers, we were denied this and what annoys people is that Big Finish use them and people would want to see of Tv. The only original character we had was Elisabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane Smith and Sarah Jane Adventures had Nicholas Courtney’s Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart and Katy Manning’s Jo Grant and this what needs to be fixed as at the moment they are recasting and of course you have to remember they are older now but why not do it later in their timelines as the ones I have said above. But luckily fans have watched the classic who series thanks to twitch although it still far than sorted.

4th place: 42.5%

The 9th Doctor is underrated

This guy is well loved by the fans and recently appeared at London Comic Con but when he was filing the show, Christopher Eccleston never got on with Euros Lyn (How rude, he should have been fired straight away, BBC get you act together!) If Euros Lyn so rude, Chris would have stayed on. People seem to get the idea that Chris never got on with Billie but he didn’t, they are good friends and their chemistry payed off.

Top 3 and I think recent fans will be happy about this

3rd place: 57%

The 12th Doctor is underrated

Suprised this didn’t go higher however won the Facebook poll by 3% as been crowned the most crime on that piece of social media. Peter Capaldi is the most consistent Doctor after improving from his first series to the end. Peter doesn’t want awards however the public do want him to wi awards, however often doesn’t recieve the most post to go forward in the shortlist rounds. Peter in real life is widely recieved by fans and there have been several fan tributes from several accounts which I would like to say thank you for doing these, as fellow fan, you have done us proud. He goes to cons and yeah, people have complained about the same people going several amount of times but as long as they dint get more than they have then that is fine and sadly some where hit by trolls on social media. I do agree that America get it a lot along with special previews but its still good and especially when you have friends from that country so i dont’t mind but people are annoyed that people skipped his era which i think is a bit unfair to be honest as he had class and used his experience as a fan.

2nd Place: 62.5%

Poor promotion in 2015

The BBC needs to understand that poor promotion is not ok and I do think that the promotion was poor especially with that slogan which we didn’t need as we already know. I think it was “Just the same of Doctor and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS.” Its not a good line, its should be some new like the two slogans from Series 10, “See the universe anew’ and ‘Time For Heroes.” They were more stand out than S9 and there was a teaser which S9 should have had. If the BBC were more alert, S9 would have done better.

1st Place: 67.5

John Simm’s return leaked

This never won any of the votes but got similar amount of votes and both social media polls to be awarded the most biggest crime. Steven Moffat and the BBC were to blame for this and Dan Wooten the person who dislikes Doctor Who ruined it for you and then BBC foolishly did as well. This is not great, I didn’t not like the Master this time in the finale and i would have probably been more hyped if they didn’t incur in the trailer and kind of new what was going to happen to Bill which I am furious about. Famous social media’s personalities from twitter complained about and one of them was @MineCartMayhem who was known as @MiniMattSmith made a hit out at Dan Wooten and rightly so as he said something about ‘Breaking Embargo” and he is right, most media papers would do so and Chibnall is trying to sort it out but the more e wait, the more people are going want spoilers and I am struggling to decide to try and go clean or want spoilers, i need help on this but yeah, this is the biggest crime of Doctor Who and glad to address it to the viewers

Those are the crimes of Doctor Who. Thanks for the people getting involved and hope to do more to these in the future.