Doctor Who Week Day 7: Planet of the Spiders Review – Chosen by William Belcher

Topic; Review chosen by a fan

Episode: Planet of the spiders

Leigh Craddock’s Review

Jon Pertwee last episode, The Planet Of The Spiders is definitely a episode that is fun, emotional and shocking. Magical sets and great acting.

The plot is about the Doctor going to Metabelis 3 when his old friend sends him back a crystal he gave her from the planet in the Green Death and Sarah ends up in trouble with locals (SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT! WHY DID YOU EVEN THINK OF THAT?) and ends up being possessed by a spider and their friend Mike Yates has to deal with the same thing when they do practises when Spiders start appearing durning a meditation led by Lupton who ends up being possessed as well and starts the events at Metabelis 3 by stealing the crystal from Unit HQ, after various mishaps and meeting Kanpo Rimpoche Who gives the Doctor Tim to return to Metabelis 3 but end sup dying from the energy attack and regenerates into Cho Je. The Doctor manages to defeat the Spiders and Lupton is killed by the Spiders but the Doctor pays a price and regenerates into his next incarnation played by Tom Baker front of the Brigadier Sarah Jane.

It’s a 6 parter and it works as it gives the story time to explore the different plots and intriguing guest cast like Cho Je/Kanpo Rimpoche and Tommy and Mike Yates redeems himself after the bad episodes so that is great. Jon and Elizabeth Sladen are great in this episode and yeah it’s a shame they only lasted one series but Elizabeth is still as good with Tom.

Good episodes to finish S11 and yeah they should be proud of this and the fact that Spiders would return to Doctor Who in the future with different plots.

Score: 7/10