Doctor Who Week Day 6: TV Movie Review

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Story: Doctor Who TV Movie

The TV movie of Doctor Who in 1996 saw a regeneration from Sylvester McCoy to Paul McGann which ends up with the Doctor lands in San Francisco on the 30th December 1999 and gets shot by a gang, dies in hospital as the Nurses and Doctors get it wrong with the 2 hearts and then regenerates in the Morgue like the parody of Frankenstein which is playing in the TV at the same time. I prefer the later regenerations to this but I actually like it as it’s different and it’s a movie so you got to do something special with it!

Daphne Ashbrook plays Dr Grace Holloway (Nicknamed Amazing Grace by her colleagues) and Yee Jee Tso (Love the name) as Chang Lee for the movie only. Grace  is quite a interesting character as she is a Doctor who gets dumped by her husband Brian who you see at the Opera in her blue ball gown and has her Cinderella moment running through the hospital. Grace is on call and performs the surgery that kills the Doctor and causes him to regenerate. She later has to out with a man with amnesia which is the newly regenerated Doctor and laters has a bit of a romantic interest with the Doctor and helps him throughout the episode. Chang Lee is running with his mates from the gang that shoots the Doctor. Chang is the one that takes him to hospital and when he dies, runs away from his things and ends up working with an old nemesis which I am now going to talk about.

Eric Roberts plays Bruce the Paramedic/The Master. The Master is executed on Skaro, the Master getting executed is repeated one more time in Extremis In 2017 but with a different premise. He escapes the constrained and causes the TARDIS to land and slithers into the ambulance that belongs to Bruce who takes him on and later at night, The Master morphing goes into Bruce’s body, kills him and takes him over similar to what happens to Tremas played by Antony Ainley in Keeper fo the Traken In 1981 and kills Bruce’s wife. He put Change Lee under his control when he manages to get into the TARDIS and cause havoc.

Throughout the episode, there are kisses, motorbike ride, the Doctor is out in this device and the Master kills Grace and Chang Lee and the Doctor manages to break free and defeat him and fixes time by going back in time  to 31st December 199 before midnight and brings Grace and Chang Lee back to life. The ending consists of the Doctor telling Chang Lee to flee San Francisco and ask Grace to join him who refuses and gives him a kiss, then he leaves in the TARDIS.

I like the movie, it’s not the best but I love the fact that the BBC teams up with multiple broadcasters in order to do this so that is great. Paul is a great Doctor and the fact that he never got a series on TV is disappointing but he still gets a Big Finish Series. Daphne deserved more episodes too as Grace definitely was a companion with potential. Yee was good but Eric for me did a great job but nit a fan if his Master but the story actually works. 

The plot is promising and works and everyone did a great job. This starts the path to bring back Doctor Who in 2005.

Score: 6/10