Asylum of the Daleks Review

This started a series that was spread throughout 2012 and 2013. The story was about the Doctor, Amy and Rory were forced to enter the Dalek Asylum and destroy the planet with all of them inside it which was a deadly mission. They are guided by survivor of the Alaska crash Oswin Oswald played by Jenna Coleman who would later be companion from The Snowmen to Hell Bent in 2015 and her role would be a crucial plot in the later stages of S7.

I love Jenna in this episode as she proves that she is great actress which would later help her as a regular. I can feel what she is going through as we later see when Bill Potts is converted into a Cybermen which I find very upsetting as I was expecting a better exit but I do prefer Oswin being converted into the Dalek as its the first time you can see it and since she is a guest character, she doesn’t come back except the little bit in the series finale so its more connecting.

It’s more deadlier story and it’s probably more appealing to me than probably the one in S9 and the whole nanocloud thing is very intriguing especially with Amy who loses her bracelet when trying to escape from the date converted humans Nd it quite emotional and I can connect to her and Karen Gillan does it well even it isn’t her strongest series.

I had a few problems. I didn’t really get the divorce thing and it its better than the arguments in S8 which really upsets me because they deserved better and it could have been a great series. I felt the passion but it should have lasted  a few more episodes but they did a nice try and you can see the argument in Pond Life minisodes. I think I would have love to seen them enter the Asylum a different way, I guess and captured and being forced to do it for them is deadlier which i great but it would have been different if they didn’t have the bracelets to make it a bit more of a challenge cause it was deadly already but I find it odd that the Daleks are too scared to as it just is probably is a weakness but forcing the gang to do it forthem is strange.

Matt Smith really starts this series strongly as we see him be the hero and he kind of gets wounded but i dot see much wounds as I did in the first promo picture and he it does it again in the second half of Series 7. It was his time to shine and it did count as a good performance.

The episode was great but it could be better as is a near perfect episode.

Score: 8/10