S11 Update – Part 1

Less than 4 weeks to go till Jodie Whittaker will have her first appearance as the Doctor and the promotion is starting to come out but what are they doing.

Breaking the glass teaser

After the BBC forcing fan sites to take down information for something they could have avoided by having their fourth leak in less than 4 months, they released the date on Wednesday 5th September for S11 which has been confirmed by Sunday 7th October. Two days later, they released a teaser with Jodie as the Doctor where a glass roof breaks and after 15 seconds, the Doctor says “WHOOPS!” After that, they reveal the airdate which looked like this teaser was going reveal the airdate but I question that the BBC are being too harsh on this, they would have waited two extra days but another big mistake. 

The teaser is much better than the teaser and the trailer we have and I actually laughed after she says whoops the first time I watched the whole thing. I am getting the fact that this hole breaking the glass is related to a certain saying in real life that females can’t break through the glass ceiling to advance in their careers and become a success which relates to the Doctor being a female and showing empowerment and its happening now. I also love the way she says “Whoops” and she doesn’t care and can be cheeky which we might see in S11. I can see a reflection of the Doctor when we get close ups of the broken glass which is intriguing. I love the music choice which is Glorious by Macklemore featuring Skylar Grey, not the song by Foxes who was sung in 2014 in Mummy On The Orient Express.


Jodie has done interviews for magazines including Marie Claire and The Times in amazing outfits, she has said that they will be no romance with the TARDIS team, just friends which is relay making me happy as the whole romance thing is the reason where I am not a fan of the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler together as it made them jealous and not behaving well which is really sad.

Jodie Whittaker on the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine

What do I expect in S11?

Great teamwork and ensembles with the Doctor and her three companions as I prefer them united rather having arguments.

Great stories that can intrigue me from start to finish.

Storylines from all 4 leads

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