Quartets – Reviews and Speculations

This year’s new series will have 4 member TARDIS team consisting of
Jodie Whittaker – The Doctor
Bradley Walsh – Graham
Mandip Gill – Yasmin Khan
Tosin Cole – Ryan
It’s been a while since 1983 when we last had a traveling quartet so I though I would give a quick recap at the five teams we have seen before and discuss the potential for our S11 quartet.

1963 to 1964
Team consisted of the First Doctor, Susan Foreman, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton.
This was first ever TARDIS team to appear on the show and one of my favourites.
This team struggled to get along at first but by the third episode saw the team finally rely on their strengths to save themselves from a destructing TARDIS.
This team had different strengths:
First Doctor and Susan both share knowledge from the last present and future
Barbara is the Historian and carer
Ian is the Scientist and hero of the group
This team was like a family with the Doctor being the Grandad, Ian and Barbara are the Children and Susan is the grandchild.
My moment for this group is when they are miniaturised and Barbara is ill and they team up get the attention of the police to stop a Murderer which is successful and they restore themselves to normal size and Barbara is cured.

Team consisted of the First Doctor, Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton and Vicki Pallister
Vicki was their future expert and could explain what she knew from the past in her point.
This team continued to be a family with Vicki being the child.
My moment for this group is when they fight the Daleks by giving them a chase through time and space.

Team consisted of the Second Doctor, Polly Wright, Ben Jackson and Jamie McCrimmon
Not much to say but there is a lively banter between all 4 especially Ben and Jamie
My only disappointment is that they boys often had to rescue Polly and that was nearly every episode.
My moment for this team is when they are defending the Moonbase.

Team consisted of the Fifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan
Adric and Nyssa are the brainiest members of the group
This is my least favourite group as they often argued and the writers chose the wrong time to write 3 members as we saw in Kinda due to Sarah Sutton being brought back so instead of writing her out, she was exhausted from what happened in four to doomsday and is asleep for the majority of the episode.
My moment for this team is hen they are helping the Doctor recuperate from his regeneration.

What do I expect from our new Quartet?
Teamwork is important as a team needs it especially when the face the aliens or villains.
Don’t make Yasmin a damsel in distress as I think these days are way over and that is what happened with Polly and we don’t want the same mistakes.
Every member gets the same amount of screen time and no one gets left out as we saw in the fifth Doctor quartet.
Family as it will show the team why they are together as whole and related to our first ever team.
Talent as the actors have shown that they have done so in the past and all have been a regular in something isn’t the last so this will give them advantage.
Scripts and development must be done well to show the chemistry of the team.

So that is it! What do you expect from the new team and who is your favourite TARDIS team, comment in my Facebook page!