Robots of Sherwood Review (RANT!)

This is a rant review, if you don’t agree with my opinions, that;is fine as I understand people love it!

Robots of Sherwood is a episode that has Robin Hood played by Tom Riley and Ben Miller as The Sheriff Of Nottingham and Sabrina Bartlett as Maid Marian (Credited as Quayle’s Ward).

The story is an Clara Oswald wanted to meet Robin Hood but the Doctor and Robin clash and discover a plot with the Sheriff working with Robots to do something bad to the world.

Peter Capaldi was amazing, he did good and his character deserved much better with what he endured. I ,loved he helped the enslaved people fight back and gave Marion back to Robin, that is what the Doctor does.


Robin for me was so annoying throughout the episode and didn’t get his laughter and felt he treated the Doctor very badly! WHAt? YOU ARE A HERO! ACT LIKE ONE! The way he took Clara with him makes me furious of him, he separates the duo from each other and I am so angry about this. However, he is better in the end but it’s too layer and it’s disappointing for me to say this but in the end he gets his woman and and I think he kind of deserves happiness even though he is a pain.

The Sheriff was an absolute joke, I have seen better villains and that is a disappointing and especially if he wasn’t human

Clara deserves much better as Jenna Coleman as I have said is definitely amazing in the show even though I give a hard time this series. The way she was treated was disappointing and I would have wanted a more active role and not a damsel, same situation with Zygon story. Luckily, Clara does have a comeback then. A time where the character goes too far and then makes an epic comeback after that. She can be written much better than what she got.

Mark Gatiss has done better stories than this but he did a good job but the episode is just not good enough and Thin Ice and Rosa overshadows it in future episode 3’s and they handle racism and do it well. Mark still has better episodes that I love but this just doesn’t do it.

Here are some options


Historicals have been better in the 2010’s but this wasn’t good enough and Mark has done better episodes like with The Ice Warriors and wrote The pasternowter Gang well but honestly, Peter and Jenna deserve better.


Isaiah has the point as I have seen better stories by Mark and the first one is amazing, he has had bad ones like Night Terrors and The Idiots Lantern and unfortunately Robots is one of them Terrors. Peter was the only good thing.


Disappointed in this episode. This could have been much better. The guest characters just annoy me and yeah would have loved to seen Jenna in a better outfit as the outfit in Mummy is a show stealer. But I appreciate the effort.

I am disappointed and this could have been so much better but I think they gave to a good try.

Score: 5/10