Leigh’s Rankings: 5 episodes that drive me mad

Time for another Top 5 and I will reveal the 5 episodes that drive me mad the most and please understand that this is my options and I respect all of your opinions 

  1. World Enough And Time

I have this episode a 7/10 but the thing that drives me mad is the way Bill was treated by the guest characters and I didn’t like Jorj as he should have a much worse fate for killing a human. The other guest characters just got me going and what happens at the end, I will never change my mind on it, sorry but what was going on here and Bill deserves much better. Luckily The Doctor Falls saves it from avoiding last place. But I appreciate the effort I was ok with it after first airing and there were some good and stand out 

  1. Human Nature/Family Of Blood

Martha is probably the best thing about this episode and the historical stuff is awesome but THE DOCTOR IS A ABSOLUTE JOKE! I didn’t like his flaking love with Joan Redfern Who was a bit racist to Martha (NAUGHTY! Just doing it cause of her job! Still not right Lady! Show some respect to others) and his attitude towards Martha which is the reason why the Tenth Doctor is always struggling into eh other rankings. I don’t enjoy this episode when the Doctor is so annoying as a human as it doesn’t make me care about him when he turns in to human which is a huge problem so it just doesn’t do it for me.

  1. Father’s Day

I get why people love it but for me, I just don’t have a sympathy for Rose but I do for Peter as he is a great character. Rose doesn’t do anything except intervene twice and DOES SHE EVER LEARN? Disappointed with the episode, Rose should have had more to do to prove she isn’t a character that makes mistakes.

  1. Robots of Sherwood

Robin Hood is the most annoying character I have seen in the show and he really makes me not enjoy the episode. The Sheriff is the same. Clara as a damsel doesn’t work! She is a hero, not a lady who needs rescuing.

  1. The End Of Time: Part 2

My least favourite regeneration story cause by the leaving Doctor being so selfish and not wanting to change. His last line is not good enough and makes him more selfish. Disappointed with T Davies here and making Ten vain was a bad decision. I get people saying bus in his penultimate incarnation of his Friday scene regeneration cycle which we didn’t know about at the time but it’s still doesn’t help. 12 is like that after the Cyberman incident at the end of his life, changes his mind and gives the best advice to his next incarnation and 10 should have had something better.